Top 7 Most Expensive Cheese In The World

The pungent scent and yellowish color remind everyone of their favorite food commonly found in their everyday dishes. Despite the odd smell, cheese is something that has been going around for thousands of years and it is best enjoyed with sandwiches, pizza, lasagna, and many more.

Across the world, there are many types of cheese to choose from and some of the common ones such as cheddar and mozzarella are just too familiar. Here we would like to share with you some of the most expensive cheese that money can buy in the world.

7. Caciocavallo Podolico

If the word is to be translated it means horse cheese. This Italian-made cheese is made from a rare type of dairy cow that is rarely found named Podolica. The milking process is to be done only in May and June and the cow can only be bred in Italy more specifically in Basilicata, Calabria, Campagna, and Puglia.

The cheese is shaped almost like a pear and is usually tied in pairs. The cheese is best to be taken directly when it is time but usually, it will be grated into pasta after the cheese is matured for 3 years to get its real taste.

It is not just rich in Omega 3 making it healthy but also it is quite a delicacy.

6. Old Ford

This one is specially produced by Neal's Yard Dairy company based in England and it is a super rare cheese made from the pasteurized milk of a goat. It has a solid texture but is also soft to be eaten.

At first, the cheese will first undergo an aging process before being pressed by hand to give its shape. Many claims that it has a very unique taste and is slightly salty. Depending on when it was made, the aging process will take a different time. 

For instance, if the cheese was made during summer the cheese will age in 3 months but in winter it will be a bit longer, usually around 8 months to get that solid texture and strong taste.

5. Extra Old Bitto

Another Italian cheese on this list originated from the Valtellina valley in Italy. This cheese is unique unlike others as the taste will change depending on the season. 10 to 20 percent of this cheese comes from the Orobica goat milk from the Bergamo Alps while the rest comes from dairy cows.

This cheese undergoes an aging process of 10 years or at least 70 days. Most of them who made this cheese still practiced the traditional way by utilizing a copper cauldron under the wooden fire.

Not just that but the cows were also not given any additional supplements which make the cheese additives-free. The brand also has a specific manufacturing date and they like to maintain its past traditions.

4. Wyke Farms Cheddar

One of the oldest brands on this list, this cheddar cheese is made by a family-owned business in Somerset, the UK since 1860. Even though it looks like typical cheddar cheese, the taste does not resemble any cheddar cheese currently on the market and the price is definitely not cheap.

This cheese is mixed together with French truffles and gold leaves making the taste more strong than other cheddar cheese out there.

The cheese will undergo an aging process of at least 1 year and it seems that this cheddar cheese is rather genuine and has received special recognition due to its special taste and premium quality.

3. White Stilton Gold

This blue cheese which looks rather white is protected under European law and its production is only limited to three districts in the UK. Only the regions of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire have the right by law to use the local pasteurized cow milk to make the expensive version of the Stilton cheese.

The glimmering golden flakes give the blue cheese a special taste and unique aroma. This cheese is not pressed or compressed, unlike other cheese which gives its own texture with a cylindrical shape.

If money is not an issue for you then this cheese is a must-taste for you.

2. Moose

Reading the name you can guess what this cheese is made out of which is a moose's milk. It is made in Bjurhold, Sweden and it is a very rare finding here. The milk used to make this cheese will be extracted from 3 moose and it should only be done in May until September producing around 5 liters of milk every day.

The cheese to be made is of very limited quantity and the moose must be greatly taken care of or else the milk production will be far less. The cheese contains high fat and protein as well as a unique taste since it comes from moose milk.

1. Pule

As of now, Pule is currently the most expensive cheese in the market. Made in Siberia, the cheese comes from a Balkan donkey that is rarely found living nearby in Zasavica. By using the same recipe since the 1700s, the donkey will be milked three times a day using bare hands.

Since the donkey only produces so little milk it is considered very valuable. The donkey's milk is also believed to contain more than 60 times the vitamin C compared to a dairy cow but the fat content is only 1 percent. 

It is also popular for its health benefits and the Pule cheese has a soft and brittle texture.


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