Harley Davidson Story - Popular Motorcycle Brand

Despite many brands for motorcycles appearing in the market like Yamaha, Ducati, and many more, the brand Harley Davidson has remained strong through time and has millions of fans from all over the world.

For the hardcore bike fan, Harley Davidson is well respected for its durability, uniqueness, and well-designed. But due to the premium price, not many out there can afford this luxurious and awesome bike.

Collaboration Between 4 Partners

From the name itself "Harley-Davidson", some people might think that this brand was founded by two individuals only. The reality is quite the opposite as this brand was established by 4 people namely, William Harley and the 3 Davidson brothers Arthur, William, and Walter.

The dream of building their very own motorcycle brand started when they were just little in 1800. Four of them lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and happened to be neighbors there. Arthur Davidson and William Harley have been best friends and also have the same interest in bikes.

This really strong friendship and passion have led to the foundation of the establishment of the brand Harley Davidson.

Enhancing The Expertise in Making Bicycles

It seems their passion has remained the same until they reach 15 years of age. William Harley has worked in a bicycle factory nearby where he lives. This has become the breaking point of his ambitions towards building his own motorcycle.

In a few years' time, William Harley has honed his skills towards making the bicycles. In fact, he also got promoted several times until he finally became a draftsman. At this time, he dreamt of designing a bicycle equipped with an engine.

According to him, bicycles with an engine will be much more interesting since the bicycle can move faster and much further. Not just that it will also utilize less of our energy to pedal the bicycle.

In 1901 when he was 21 years old, he has produced his first draft in creating an internal combustion engine which was inspired by the design of the earliest french engine. In 2 years' time, William and Arthur have worked together to build their very first motorcycle prototype.

Unfortunately, their first prototype cannot be a real product. But they did not stop there as they come up with the second prototype in 1903. It was at this time, they both realized that they need an expert like a mechanic to carry on with their motorcycle idea.

The Involvement of Davidson Brothers

They both have come to an agreement to get the cooperation of Arthur's brother, Walter to work with them. Walter is without a doubt a very professional mechanic and has worked as one in a railway company.

Their first company was located in Chestnut St. and it was only 10 x 15 feet in size and this location has become the headquarter of Harley Davidson company. At that time, William Harley has furthered his studies in engineering at the University of Wisconsin to deepen his knowledge in this field.

Not long after that, another Davidson brother decided to join them. William Davidson who was a mechanic had worked together with Arthur Davidson and they finally completed their first motorcycle for the company. The bike was known as Harley-Davidson Serial #1.

The Establishment of Harley Davidson

With the making of their first bike, they have all agreed to establish the Harley Davidson company in 1907. Walter Davidson was appointed as the first president while the other 3 held other high positions in the company.

William Davidson became the manager while Arthur Davidson was secretary and general sales manager followed by William Harley as chief of engineer and treasury. In that year, the company managed to produce 150 motorcycles.

Later in 1908, Harley-Davidson motorcycles got full marks in a competition to test the durability of a motorcycle at the 7th Annual Federation of American Motorcycle Enthusiasts Endurance and Reliability. Due to this, Detroit became the first state to buy and use the Harley-Davidson motorcycle for the police force.

In 2910, the logo and brand icon of Harley-Davidson that uses shield has been introduced and utilized fully. Despite many motorcycle brands appearing afterward, this brand has remained strong in the market. 

All 4 founders of the company have led the company until their end of time. Arthur Davidson was also the last president to pass away in 1950.


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