Why Fast Food Restaurants Give Free Refills?

Fast food restaurant has become a popular choice among society around the world from various background to enjoy. With services going just as fast, the quality of the food can also be said the same thing so it is not surprising to see people queuing up for their juicy burgers every moment of time.

One thing that most of these fast-food restaurants have in common is that they provide free refills to all their customers. But one question in mind will be how fast food restaurants gain profit from this promotion and considering that it is free, many people will be happy to eat at these restaurants.

Here are some of the reasons why fast-food chains still practice this.

1. Small Cost

The true cost of serving those sodas which have been a part of fast food is relatively low. This is because most fast-food chains will buy the sodas in bulk or wholesale from the supplier and this means that the price that they got is a lot cheaper than consumers buying it in a convenience store.

On top of that, a customer is only capable to drink so much of the sodas and at most, it could be 3 cups of sodas. As we all know the cost of drinks is very small, so it will be less likely for the fast-food chain to take a loss from this.

2. Attraction Vibe

Giving out free refills is considered one of the promotions for many fast-food chains out there as a way to attract more customers to their shops. On the customer's side, we see this opportunity as a way to get full satisfaction from the free refills aside from putting our money to good use.

Without us realizing it, most customers will spend quite a money for one set of dishes and this does not take into account when they order the add-ons. For most fast-food chains, the revenue they get from customers buying the sets and a la carte is sufficient enough to compensate for the cost of the free refills.

3. Not A Place To Hangout

In general, fast food restaurants are not the best place for people to hang out for hours long unlike cafes. It suits its name for providing a quick and efficient service to its customers and the customers will leave straight when they get their food.

Most fast food feels that they will not lose out as commonly the customers will either not finish their drink let alone add even more. Not just that but the sodas that they drink will make them feel full much easier. Due to that, we rarely see customers keep on refilling their drinks all the time.

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