Top 5 Worst Apple Products Ever Sold

Despite the war going on between Android and iOS users, the real Apple fans would not hesitate to buy their favorite product brand regardless of what price it is for. Despite the loyalty of some has decreased over time, it has not stopped Apple from selling its products due to how strong its brand presence is.

Some might say that Apple fans are more than crazy to spend thousands of dollars on something very silly. Or it is that Apple will become the next Nokia in the future as they run out of brilliant ideas?

Here are the top 5 Apple products that made us really question why on earth would anyone buy this?

1. Airpods Max

Selling at the starting price of $469.99, the sale of the Airpods Max headphone has opened the eyes of many people, especially the asking price of it. Its insane price when compared with the same level products of other brands, it made us question even more.

It is even more unfortunate for those who have already spent a huge chunk of their money on this as it has been reported that most of the units have problems connecting through Bluetooth affecting the audio connection that is supposed to be smooth.

The design of the box holder was also heavily criticized, not to mention the clothes of the women in the picture too. The design division of Apple was forced to give a reply to all those negative comments.

The headphone also did not come with a 3.5mm headphone jack meaning that this unit needs to be connected using an adapter to the lightning port of the iPhone which is sold separately at $11.99. If you did not have any extra money in hand then you would most definitely need to think twice before making this purchase.

2. Mac Pro

Known for being the most powerful computer on Apple's products list, the design of every Mac Pro really mirrors a very synonymous vision of the brand; elegant, expensive, and luxurious.

Made from a rack of metal with a holder being placed on top of the rack to ease the movement of the PC, the front of the Mac Pro was designed to allow airflow at a maximum rate despite many calling the design similar to a cheese grater.

The price itself is also insane starting at $5999 for the lowest configuration available. If we were to compare it with normal PC components, a person would not need to spend as much to get the same performance.

All the components of choice of the Mac Pro are also sold at a high price with a very high margin. Even people out there know there is not much of a difference in terms of the components being sold by Apple with other components of the PC Windows ecosystem.

If all the components were ordered with the highest specification available, a Mac Pro would cost up to $48,000. You can just imagine! With the high price being set, at least the customer will get a monitor included as well, right? Well, wrong!

The monitor is also sold separately.

3. Book "Designed by Apple in California"

This book happens to be a photography book project that records all types of devices ever made by Apple ever since it was established in the early 20 years. It was given the title "Designed by Apple in California" and there are two versions of the book coming in different sizes with the small one being $190 and $290 for the bigger version.

The book itself was dedicated to the founder of the company, Steve Jobs and this book portrays 450 high-quality photos inside the Apple device which deserved to be used as proof showing the iconic works of Steve Jobs.

Different from other books out there, this particular book can only be bought from Apple.

Following the high price being set, there were many critics about the content of the book after many readers realized that the pictures being chosen for display had been used in the previous publication.

With all that being said, it has not stopped the book from selling like hot pancakes for as long as it was published from the year 2016 until 2019. Only the true Apple fans would be willing to buy the catalog products of Apple at this insane price.

4. Mac Pro Wheels and Feet Kit

Different than other electronic producers out there, Apple took the risk to start selling wheels and feet kit as a unique computer accessory and not to mention at an expensive price. This product is what was being offered by Apple to buyers of the Mac Pro as stated before.

All the standard units of Mac Pro come with four supporting feet being sold in a package during the order. The buyers who decided to take home with them, this unique accessory will need to buy both the wheels and the feet separately.

To get their hands on this wheel and feet, the customer will need to pay $278 for four feet of support. If you were thinking about mobility, the Mac Pro Wheels Kit unit is available for $649 for four wheels.

It is hard to believe that the wheels made by Apple are being assembled on the computer at a price similar to 4 sets of tires for a standard sedan car.

5. Apple Pro Stand

This might shock you even more as this might be the king accessory for the most absurd products Apple ever made. Being sold for the same price as other popular products of Apple like the iPhone and MacBook Air, the Apple Pro Stand only supports a monitor with high specifications like the Apple Pro Display XDR.

Pro Stand is sold as an additional accessory for those who bought a monitor since this will surely hold it firm. The Apple Pro Display XDR is being sold for $4640 at the lowest spec while the Apple Pro Stand is sold separately for $1040.

Despite many people praising the quality of the monitor support built by Apple as well as its capability of changing the position of the monitor easily, we all must admit that the price itself just does not make sense.

One thing to keep in mind is that Apple will mostly cater to the customer who does have the money and professional users. Sometimes it is hard to justify whether buying these products will be worth the money or not but one thing for sure is that one must have a thick wallet to do so.


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