Top 7 Biggest Submarine in The World

Submarines are considered one of the most important assets for a country for the sake of safety and security. However, what are the biggest submarines that have ever been built by mankind?

If we were to look at the size of these submarines, they are definitely ginormous. Submarines will be classified according to their respective classes and since they come in different shapes and sizes, the submarines are also compared by the volume of water they displaced.

This basically means that the bigger the ship is the more water it will displace.

7. Triomphant, France
The Triumphant class weighs a staggering 14,355 tonnes and as of now, it is the 7th biggest submarine in the world. This submarine is equipped with ballistic nuclear missiles and is owned by the French Navy and is part of the nuclear strength of France. 

This class comprises 4 submarines which are Le Triophant, Téméraire, Vigilant and Terrible. The first ship of this class was first assigned to the French Navy in 1997. Every submarine will have a length of 138 meters long.

6. Vanguard, UK
The submarine from the Vanguard class has a displacement value of 15,900 tonnes making it the 6th biggest submarine in the world. This nuclear-powered submarine equipped with ballistic missiles is owned by the UK Royal Navy. 

This class consists of 4 different submarines namely, Vanguard, Victorious, Vigilant, and Vengeance, and all of them start with the letter V. This ship was designed by Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering. The first version of a submarine for this class will be the HMS Vanguard which has been operational since 1993.

All of the submarines are based in HM Naval Base Clyde which is located 40km due West of Glasgow, Scotland.

5. Delta, Russia
This will be the Delta class for the submarine that is equipped with big ballistic missiles that have been built by the Severodvinsk company. This class is a bit special in that it is categorized into several sub-classes mainly Delta I, II, III, and IV. The submarine of this class has a displaced value of 18,200 tonnes.

The First Delta class was the first submarine that has been assigned back in 1976. Whereas Delta III and IV are now operational for the Russian Navy. It is believed that 5 Delta IV is now active and it has a length of 166m.

4. Ohio, United States of America
The Ohio class of submarines is the fourth largest in the world. The United States Navy controls this nuclear-powered Ohio class which happens to be the largest ever built by the US. Every submarine has a displaced value of 18750 tonnes and a length of 170 meters. 

The first submarine of this class will be the USS Ohio which was built by the General Dynamics Corporation in Groton. It was assigned its first task in November 1981. The unique thing about this class is that every submarine will be given a name based on the states in America.

This is excluding Henry M. Jackson who was based on the Senator of the United States of America.

3. 949A Antey Project/Oscaar II, Russia
Project Class 949A Antey or as NATO refers to it, Oscar II is the legacy of the submarine Oscar I. The Russian Navy now operates 4 Oscar II submarines and each one has a length of 18 meters. The displaced value for this class will be 24,000 tonnes.

The Oscar II is powered by two pressurized water-cooled reactors and two steam turbines. Project 949A is also equipped with 24 anti-ship Granit P-700 and 6 torpedo tubes which are capable of annihilating its enemy.

On the other hand, 949AM carries the supersonic missile, 3M54 Kalibr. 

2. Borei. Russia
Borei class sits at the 2nd position of this list similar to Oscar II. With a displaced volume of 24,000 tonnes, this ship runs on a nuclear-powered source which makes it an important asset to the Russian Navy. This submarine has a length of 170 meters.

The first submarine of the Borei Class was built by Yury Dolgorukt with an estimated cost of $770 million. The submarine starts its first operation in the Pacific armada of the Russian Navy in January 2013. There are two more Borei class submarines namely Vladimir Monomakh and Knyaz Vladimir which starts operational at the end of 2014.

1. Typhoon, Russia
The ship from the Typhoon class remains the biggest submarine in the world. It has a displace value of 48,000 tonnes which is twice that of the Borei class. Similar to the Borei class, the Typhoon class is also nuclear-powered and equipped with ballistic missiles.

Dmitry Donskoy will be the first ship of this class to start operating in 1981 and has remained active for the Russian Navy since 1981. In terms of its size, the submarine has a length of 175 meters and is 25 meters wide.

To make it move, 160 crews are required and on top of that, it also has a swimming pool in case they don't want to swim in the sea.

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