How Do Psychopaths Think?

A psychopath is constantly seen as someone who is considered a serial killer who wishes to fulfill their desires. This is always portrayed in a lot of tv series, films, and books one of which is the famous Joker who kills the people who get in his way.

It has been estimated that 1 in 100 people fulfill the clinical criteria of a psychopath. However, statistically, it shows that 1 in 4 convicts in prison is a psychopath. If a psychopath really loves to be violent and kills for fun, then the number of deaths will certainly skyrocket.
The truth is a lot of psychopaths or sociopaths get on with their lives similarly just like us. In fact, most of them have their own strengths compared to other people in the field that they pursued. So it is not surprising that 1 in 5 business leaders also have the traits of a psychopath. 

According to a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2017, a psychopath will have less connection within the brain related to fear, anxiety, empathy, and sentiments. 

Experiences of a Psychopath
Several psychopaths have explained how they get on with their daily lives and this can mostly be seen on Reddit threads, especially in a society that loves to get sensational information through social media.

One of them said:
People will often be angry with my opinion. For a long time, I have always assume that people who cries are being too dramatic and weird. When my closest family member passed away, I don't feel anything and at that moment I started to question myself.
There are times when the media potrays people like me as an individual who are lusting for a killing spree without any regrets or remorse. However, I never felt the need to hurt anyone. Maybe I've tried it when I was little to know whether I will feel the guilt but it has already been answered.

One of the effects of having this feeling in their lives is that they will not ever own or even like any pets. Psychopaths tend to ignore their pets simply because they could not care less about taking care of them let alone making sure that they stay safe and healthy.

Another individual that has been diagnosed by a psychiatrist also said:
I feel I have good intention in most controversial issues that arise like child abortion, religion and politics but usually my views will make people feel pissed. Not just that but I also see every lost as a sign of relief.

There are also some psychopaths that picture selfishness, lack of motivation as well as not being able to cope with others will prevent them from ever becoming serial killers just like what is shown on films and TV.

According to the person:
The media are constantly creating sensation for every situation until every psychopaths are seen as a murderer. I am not a killer despite myself thinking about killing might be the only option to solve certain problems.
Even though, there are psychopaths that know killing might be the only option left but it's not as easy as people thought. It is only planned inside the brain but difficult to be carried out. 
Day after day, the psychopaths also feel that they have to mimic the actions of the people in their surroundings. They are forced to interact with their friends and families so that people will think that they are normal and can fit in. 

However, there are also those who believed that they should just tell the truth without even hiding their true color. A psychopath even mentions that their close relatives know about their strange behavior. The person told about it themselves so that people will be more than ready if something goes horribly wrong.
The psychopath wishes to get rid of all the myths that go around regarding psychopaths believing that life is a game and that they manipulate people and situations. 

But the psychopaths have to admit that they can sometimes be manipulative in a sense that they don't have similar emotions as others and they also don't know how to correspond accordingly. 

This doesn't mean that I do it all the time and I only do it when necessary. I also realise the lack of emotion will prevent me from being close to my friends and families. 


Here are some more expressions of psychopaths who wished to share what they went through:

Living life behind a mask is really tiring. Your own self are trapped inside while another personality is potrayed. But this mask is a neccessity so that you can continue to fit in with the outside world.
I really know how to pretend of becoming an extrovert despite the reality being the opposite as I don't care of having social interaction unless it benefits me. I will always say what people want to hear but not what they should know.
I don't have the ability to feel other people's feelings. But I'm good at imitating so that they will understand me. 



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