What is The Job of a CEO?

At school when the teacher asks you what you want to be when you grow up, you will give one of the most common answers everyone would have heard of. That is to become a doctor. engineer, lawyer, teacher, and more.

These are all decent careers that all children would understand and become in the future. But how about the job that not many can have or even some might not even think that they will be on that level of becoming a Chief Executive Officer(CEO).

Or you might have the ambition to become the CEO of your own company perhaps since you prefer to be your own boss. Regardless of whether it is a small or big company like Apple or Google, the CEO is in the top position on an organization chart. 

If you knew what a CEO is then do you know what is the job of a CEO? Does a CEO work similarly just like other staff in the company?

The Job That Requires Skills
The real job of a CEO is hard to be described in a brief manner since it does not specifically fit one category. Despite many regular workers having specific job scopes that have been assigned, a CEO is responsible for the company overall.

CEO is assigned the job of supervising many roles and works in the company every day. Consequently, the person will have to deal with new things each day not knowing what will happen tomorrow. 

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for decision-making, communicating with the lower staff as well as setting the course of a path for the company. This includes making the decision on how the company's resources will be allocated which comprises the number of staff that will be recruited to produce a specific product and services.

Ultimately resulting in the generation of revenue for the company and increasing its value overall.

Because of all these tough decisions, a CEO must be someone that comes great in dealing with power and appointing staff. For a company to be successful, The CEO has to ensure that the workers that have been recruited know what they are dealing with especially when it comes to managing the main aspect of the business.
For a company, it is considered not practical for the CEO to meet every single of their workers each day. In contrast, the CEO will only meet a small group of people. That is if the person holds the position of manager they will give reports of their department directly to the CEO. 
The experts estimated that the CEO spends more than 80% of their time interacting with other people. Simply said the CEO will attend lots of meeting whether face-to-face or virtually. This meeting will mostly be with different workers from other companies. 

But the CEO will also be involved in dealing with investors, shareholders, the board of directors, or even representatives from other companies.

Communication is Crucial For The CEO

With that being said, The CEO will be the main point of communication between the company and the board of directors. The CEO will also spend a lot of time sightseeing by going overseas and outstation.
The interaction will be the main responsibility of a CEO. If the CEO is not attending any meetings, they will then spend a lot of time going through calls and replying to hundreds of e-mails. Every day, the CEO will think of the best way to give a suitable response. 

Sounds like a lot of work am I right? Therefore, it is justified why the CEO is paid handsomely for their job as they hold the biggest responsibility by spending a lot of time thinking of the future of the company.

You will see a lot of CEOs working on the weekends and taking less time off for holiday despite them being eligible to take it. So do you think you have what it takes to be a successful CEO?

If you think you are a strategic person who has great vision, leadership skills, and amazing soft skills then you will definitely deserve to hold this prestigious executive role, and perhaps one day you might be able to achieve your dreams.


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