Top 6 Most Expensive Speeding Ticket in The World

Everywhere you go there will always be cars out there who think that they are above the law and will speed up regardless of thinking of the safety of others on the road. Every action there will always be consequences, including getting a speed ticket for driving way too fast.

However in this case you might be overwhelmed by what I am about to share with you as what can be the most expensive speeding ticket in the world. Some people might agree with the fact that people will get fined based on how much their income is.
Well, this system actually exists and the answer will be in countries like Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland, which have been practicing this for quite some time. With this system in mind, there will also be people in the country who holds the record of having the most expensive ticket in the world.

Here we will show you the top 6 most insane speeding tickets.

1. Reima Kuisla (54,000)
Reima Kuisla is quite a successful businessman who earns €6.5 million in the year he got the speeding ticket worth a whopping €54,000. He certainly broke the law when he was driving at a speed of 103 km/h when the speeding limit was 80 km/h.

By looking at his income tax for the year 2013 the court decided that he should pay by how much he earned that year. As usual, being an adult with all the social media around, he expressed his disappointment in this and criticized the Finland government as unfair and very troublesome.

Things did not go his way as he also receives backlash for his comments from other citizens of his country. It will make life much easier if he were to abide by the law just like everybody else.

2. Nokia's Director (€116,000)
Anssi Vanjoki is one of the directors for what used to be the biggest telecommunication company in the world at that time called Nokia. I'm pretty sure most of you have heard of this company and might even have used the Nokia phone once in your life.
Anssi Vanjoki was driving what can be seen as the popular Harley Davidson in October 2002. When he was simply busy sightseeing with the wind blowing against his face, he didn't realize that he was currently speeding driving at 75km/h when the maximum speed was only 50km/h.

Due to this, he got his own speeding ticket worth a whopping €110,000 since his annual income was close to €14 million. The value of his speeding ticket was calculated based on his 14 days of work.

3. Jussi Salonoja (€170,000)
Jussi Salonoja who happens to run his family's sausage business is the richest man in Finland. His annual income was estimated to be close to  €7 million so it was no surprise that he was also fined  €170,000 for his speeding ticket.

It seems that Jussi overruns the speed limit by more than double what is allowed. The busy city usually has a speed limit of 40km/h and he was driving as fast as 80km/h. 

Not just that but this speeding ticket was also the biggest amount that has ever been issued in Finland and probably in most parts of the world.

4. Foreign Diplomat (£182,000)
A foreign diplomat from the Guinea-Bissau Republic was caught guilty while driving his Ferrari Testarossa in a small village in Switzerland. While taking into account the diplomat's income in a year which was £16 million the person was issued a speeding ticket worth £182,000.

The recorded speed of the Ferrari was 137km/h in a speed limit town of only 80km/h. The accused claims that since he/she was a diplomat, this will prevent the person from being fined however the Switzerland courts say otherwise.

In the end, the diplomat was still given the speed ticket regardless but the diplomat's identity remains unknown.

5. Fastest Driver in Sweden ($1 million)
A Swedish businessman who shall remain anonymous has just got his hand on a new Mercedes SLS AMG from Germany. Feeling too excited about the new car, he decided to take it to his hometown in Sweden by driving it all the way there.

Along the journey, it seems he was too thrilled about the new car that he forgot to look at the speed he was driving the car which was at more than 200km/h.
However, the speed was so fast that it was not able to be detected by the camera considering that the maximum detection was up to 200km/h.

Things did not go well for the Swedish as another version of the camera was able to detect a speed of up to 300km/h. Due to his speeding as well as his immense wealth, he got his own speeding ticket worth a staggering $1 million.

Things did not just at there as the Swedish blamed the meter of the car stating that it does not work properly and that he did not expect the car was speeding too fast.

6. The Father Took A Loss For the Son ($2.4 million)
This last event was slightly different compared to the previous one. In Holland, to solve the issue of reckless drivers, the government decided to allow the authority to confiscate the cars of the drivers being guilty.

Michel Perridon, the director of multinational ICT Trust International BV just imported his dream car, the Bugatti Veyron worth $2.3 million. This made him the first person to own a Bugatti Veyron in Holland.

However, his son Thurs Perridone who was age 20 always dreamed of driving the car by always being sneaky when his dad was not around. The car was caught in Rotterdam city driving at a speed of 160km/h at a speed limit of 80km/h

He was immediately arrested by the police and the vehicle was quickly confiscated from the owner regardless of the driver not being the owner of the car.

The matter went from bad to worse when Thur's license was revoked and he was also fined under Hollands law which will consider Michel's current income. It must be hard for Michel to bear the situation due to the stupid act of his own son.


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