Top 15 Most Painful Thing a Human Can Experience

Pain is something that we will feel each day whether physically or mentally. But to some extent, some are willing to put to the test how much pain they can bear. Normal human beings like us, we will definitely try to avoid any sort of pain.

Nevertheless, pain is inevitable and each pain will have its own scores while people will have their own bearable level. Some might sustain the pain physically but not mentally and also the other way around. But some of you might also wonder what is the most painful thing a human can experience according to medical science?

Some of you might agree that giving birth is one of the most painful things for mothers. For sure, death will always be painful, but this topic will focus more on while we're still living. 

Here are the top 15 most painful things a human can ever experience in life.

15. Linchi
Judging by the picture, you might think that this is some sort of punishment happening during the 1800s. Well, back then this is practiced in China as well as Vietnam in the 1900s and it is utmostly painful. 
This is commonly known as "Death by a thousand cuts". What they will do is that the skin of the victims will be sliced bit by bit and you can just imagine bleeding yourself out to death. 

To make it worse the punisher will do this very slowly so the victim will be in pain and agony before reaching death.  

14. Tetanus
If you live among those who are anti-vaccine then there's a chance that you will feel this pain. Tetanus is a condition that rarely happens nowadays thanks to the help of the vaccine and it is caused by a particular bacteria that spreads by an open wound.

If you look at the picture, you can imagine the amount of pain the person is going through. Your muscles will start to become stiff and locked in place. Luckily for those who have been vaccinated this can easily be prevented.

Just imagine being in that position for a long time. You will definitely not feel happy about it.

13. Giving Birth
If you still have a mother then you should definitely be grateful for their sacrifice as they all went through intense pain in order to give birth to you. Despite my not having experienced this it is always been discussed especially among women who have gone through this. 

The intensity of the pain might be different from one person to another but one thing for sure is that there are always deaths reported when giving birth. Some say that the pain is similar to 20 bones inside your body being broken in one go.

That is definitely true pain. 

12. Crucifixion
The people who started using this method were the Romans and it was to torture and kill those who dare to go against them. Just imagine hanging on the crucifix with both your legs and feet being poked with nails.

I couldn't imagine how someone could last for so long on it and this method is so that the maximum amount of pain shall be endured by the victims. It is definitely one brutal way to kill someone.

11. Peritonitis
It looks like period pain but even guys experience this too. In our abdomen, there is a thin lining that protects our lower digestive system called the peritoneum. When the peritoneum becomes inflamed due to any sort of leakage or damage to it, then the pain will start to set in.

At first, you might feel it as normal stomach pain. But as time goes on the pain becomes immense to the extent that you will lie on the ground in agony. The worst thing is that if left untreated, it can cause death.

10. Irukandji Syndrome
In the Australian ocean, you might find this tiny blue Irukandji jellyfish which as you might know is very poisonous. If you get stung by these creatures, you will get what they call "Irukandji syndrome". Don't be fooled by how tiny it is as one sting has been proven to be deadly.

The symptoms will take weeks to resolve that is if given the right type of medication. There have been cases that the victim cannot tolerate the pain and has asked the doctor to just end their life from the misery.
This is one tough creature despite its small size.

9. Testicular Torsion
The worst thing to happen to a guy is probably getting kicked in the balls. Well, in this case, your testicles rotate on the spermatic cord which brings blood from your abdomen to the testicles. This will prevent the blood flow and as time goes by, the person will start to feel unbearable pain in the groin region.

Immediate surgery is required in order to save your gonads unless of course, you don't care about having a baby. 

8. Kidney Stones
For those of you who might have experienced this then you would know how painful this is. Imagine the formation of stones inside your kidney and the pain you have to endure once it travels out when you are urinating. The biggest stones to ever be removed were 15 centimeters in diameter. 

What you see here is the fact that the shape is nice and round. Imagine when the shape is spiky as it travels all the way to the bladder damaging everything as it passes through. It can be removed by either using lasers or surgery.

7. Second Degree Burn
Well, you might think that third-degree burn is much more painful than this right. Well, the answer to that is no simply because third-degree burns will damage all your nerve endings and cause you to not feel pain any longer. 

Thus, this makes second-degree burns much more painful. This usually happens to those who were cooking or probably caught up in the fire. One thing for sure is that you might want to find some aloe vera to soothe this out. 

6. Anders Disease
Well. at first, you might be thinking why is there a picture of a shower here. Let me explain. Anders disease or also called Dercum disease is characterized by obesity and fatty tumors inside the fatty tissues. 

The tumors that are present will be very painful and to make matters worse the tumors are also sensitive to touch and temperature. This is to the extent that even taking a shower will cause unbearable pain. You simply cannot imagine how a person with this condition will ever clean themselves properly. 

5. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome(CRPS)
This is due to the damage to the receptors of your body featuring swollen hands which also comes with pain. The worst thing about this condition is that your situation will only be a lot worse as the disease progresses and there is simply no cure for it. 

If the patient cannot simply tolerate the pain anymore then the only solution to it is amputation. One question that comes to mind will be what causes these symptoms. Well, one of the contributing factors will be smoking. Maybe it's time to quit already.

4. Cluster Headaches
These are not the typical migraines or headaches that you have experienced simply because you got a bad hangover. This pain specifically radiates behind your eyeballs and it usually happens at night and comes in groups which results in the name cluster headaches. 

The pain feels as if someone is poking your eyeballs repeatedly and we definitely don't want to know how that feels like. Ouch!

3. Penile fracture
The good news for all the ladies out there is that you won't have to worry about this as it concerns the men. Despite the penis not having any bones, the fractures that are meant are when one or two tunica albuginea are broken. It functions to envelop the erectile tissues of the penis called corpora cavernosa

The fractures happen when there is a hard impact on the penis when it is currently erected which usually happens during aggressive sexual intercourse. To all those men out there, you might want to take care of your penis as much as you would take care of your favorite car.

Hope all goes well.

2. Postdural Puncture
40% of those who experience this are those that underwent the lumbar puncture procedure. It is considered the maximum pain to be felt by any human. It is also known as a spinal headache and it occurs when the meninges which are the lining that envelops the brain becomes infected. 

One of the common causes is the side effects of the anesthesia given through the backbone. Simply making any movements will exacerbate the pain. Some describe the pain as something that burns and spread just like hot metal.

1. Emotional Stress
The worst pain of all will be emotional stress and before you judge me, hear me out first. If you see all of the pain above must include a part of the body in pain whether being cut, burn or hurt physically. There has been proof that shows trauma from emotional distress also damages part of the brain physically.

It can go to the extent that some people will lose it and start to go mental due to psychological stress. One example of mental stress will be losing the one that you loved. Some of you will definitely have to experience this in your life and it is a matter which is irreversible.

Mental problems have to be solved through psychological means and it has to be with the will of the person themselves or else it can never be cured. Always reach out to those in need and help each other out as I believe that a friend in need is a friend indeed. 


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