Top 6 Scary Looking Monkey To Ever Exist

Primates are considered the smartest animal on the face of the earth making them special for humans. It can be found anywhere across the globe with society even praising it due to how intelligent and cunning the monkeys can be.

Even with all the cuteness seen, some species can get scary sometimes making you run away if ever confronted. Here are the top 6 monkeys with scary-looking faces to ever exist.

6. Tamarin Emperor 
Despite many species being named after the scientist that discovered them or even the unique features of the animal, this particular monkey got its name from a very popular historian that looked just like it.

It was named in conjunction with the great and final German emperor Wilhelm II. The Tamarin Emperor was well known for their unique mustache that gained the attention of others.

Being quite active and socialized, the Tamarin Emporoor can easily communicate with humans mimicking a dog that seeks the attention of its best friend. With that being said this monkey can also be very protective, especially among its own species.

The monkey will be seen using long and high-pitched vocals in giving warnings to those who try to threaten them and you do not want to intimidate them.

5. De Brazza Monkey
This unique creature was named after the famous France-Italian explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza and this particular species was known locally as the swamp monkey due to its choice of habitat.

Scientifically the monkey is called "ignoreus" which means not being watched which explains the nature of this monkey that loves to hide from humans and its predator unnoticed. 

The looks on this monkey are what make it special especially the white fur that looked sort of like its beard. Due to the long beard, it is also called the "Ayatollah" monkey with looks similar to Khomeini, the Iranian revolutionary.

With measurements of 76 times 91 cm and a weight of 2.94kg, this small primate simply loves to munch on its favorite fruits to insects as its main meal.  

This unique creature can be found across the swamps of the African continent such as Angola, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Congo, and many more. 

4. Mandrill Monkey
You must be thinking "pink butt", well don't be fooled as this is the biggest monkey in the world as of now and it is the Mandril that is the most ferocious one out there. In the modern world, this species is rather common and can be seen in the movie Lion King.

Rafiki which was the name of the Mandrill was described in Disney as a very mysterious and intelligent creature. However, in most cases, this monkey can get very aggressive and very deadly.

The monkey has an average height of 76.2 to 94cm for the males and weighs around 32kg. Even their fangs are very long with a measurement of 6.35cm long. This has enabled the Mandrill to break through the necks of its prey easily and to some extent the deer too.

But most of the time this monkey's favorite food comprises fruits, bark, and mushrooms.

3. Proboscis Monkey 
This ginger primate can be found on Kalimantan Island across Asia and it is one of the endangered species protected by the governments. Most of the species live in National parks to protect them from illegal poachers.

It was named after its big nose and hairy fur and don't be too scared as the Probosci's monkey are usually vegetarian that relies mostly on the leaves and fruits as their source of food.

The monkey with a size of 76.2 cm tall and weighs 22.7kg managed to survive by exploring and being careful with its habitat. It will constantly avoid its predators like the monitor lizards and leopards. 

But this is not their highest threat as most of them die simply because of the loss of their habitat. In the past 4 decades, more than 50% of its population was wiped from the face of the earth due to illegal activities like deforestation, poaching, and palm oil plantation.

2. Tarsier Monkey
This very small primate can be found in the islands of southeast Asia mainly Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and the Phillippines. Its unique eyes are what makes it quite unique from other primates.

The monkey also has very thin and long fingers and not to mention its tail too. Seeing this in the forest will definitely surprise especially since it is in its own league.
But the name of this monkey was given due to its very long back as the tarsus bones extend on its legs. It is very small in size as an adult will only grow between 7.6 to 38 cm depending on the species. However, its leg will always be twice as long as its whole body.

Despite being small and seen as quite cute, this is one of the primates which is fully carnivorous as it loves to feast on beetles, spiders, bats, and even certain reptiles.

1. Bald Uakari Monkey
You might have seen pink butt baboons, well this is quite different as it will be the head. Seeing its bright pink head, this primate can be found mostly in Várzea's green forest in the western Amazon. The Bald Uakari monkey has thick furs all over its body from neck to tail.

The hairs can be between 43 to 45cm in length which is quite long and if you can see the face will constantly be a bright pinkish color. This is due to the capillaries that exist under the tissues of its face. It also lacks the pigment on the monkey's skin.

The Bald Uakari also has very strong jaws that help it to gnaw on hard nuts and unripe fruits which other primates can't do. This is very crucial for the Bald Uakari as most of its food consist of seeds.

Its habitat in South America is constantly under threat to humans as a huge part of the Amazon forest is under deforestation in the past 4 decades. The population of the Bald Uakari monkey has been reported to have declined by 30% and it is labeled as one of the endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN).


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