4 Cities With Only 1 Person Around The World

The world population is increasing each day as we speak and according to the United Nations (UN), the population will increase to 9.7 billion by 2050. This value is then split into countries, states, and districts across the globe. 

But one thing is that no one will be left alone in a village or city without anyone to accompany them. However, this matter still exists in this world in a few small cities some might have never heard of and here we would like to share with you 4 cities in the world with only one person living there.

Monowi, Nebraska (United States of America)

Monowi is a city in Nebraska, the US, and its highest population back in the 1930s was 150 people. Similar to other small cities out there, most of the young residents in Monowi have moved to big cities that offered better work and lifestyles. 

According to the Census 2000, there has been only 2 people living in Monowi in 2000 which were Elsie Eiler and her husband. But things soon changed as Elsie's husband passed away in 2004 making her one of the only living in a village of 0.5 square km.

Tomioka, Fukushima (Japan)

Tomioka city or also known as the Japanese ghost city is located near the nuclear-powered generator of Fukushima Daiichi. On 11 March 2011, a devastating earthquake has taken place followed by a horrendous tsunami that destroyed many parts of Northeast Japan.

This natural disaster also caused heavy damage to the Fukushima Daiichi power generator and also polluted the area within a 20km radius. This incident that took place was the worst nuclear tragedy to have ever occurred after the Chornobyl incident in 1986. As many as 16,000 people were forced to be moved and Tomioka city was left deserted.

But one person remains named Naoto Matsumura aged 54 years old from the start did move with others to new cities. He decided to move back to where he came from and lived there ever since. Sound odd enough and he is also one of the only citizens living in Tomioka to this day.
It is interesting enough that he is surviving without any electricity or water supply.

Cass, Canterbury (New Zealand)

Cass is one of the locations in the world with only 1 resident and it is located in the Selwyn District, Canterbury, New Zealand. One of the only people living there will be Barrie Drummond, 65 who happens to be working for KiwiRail that is responsible for taking care of the railway from Christchurch to Greymouth.
When he was offered to work in Cass for 2 years, he did not expect to withstand the pressure of living there by himself but it all ended with him living there for 25 years despite being the only person there.

He did not have any plans of leaving the place any time soon and not to mention that he also never complained about being lonely or needing some companionship especially since he was not married yet.

Villa Epecuén, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

A tourist village was built in 1920 and was given the name Villa Epecu
én situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. People started to flood the areas in 1970 increasing the population to 5000 people.
The place started to expand and has roughly 300 businesses such as hotels, spas, shops, and also museums.

However, things changed on 10 November 1985 as one of the nearby dams broke out and flood the city slowly. In 1993, the water levels in the area have risen by 10 meters. All the residents decided to move out from there due to concern for their safety.
But things changed in 2009 as the water level starts to go down and Villa 
Epecuén starts to show its true face. Nobody ever came back except for one senior citizen, Pablo Novak aged 81 years old. As of now, he is the only one living there.


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