6 Forbidden Places To Visit In The World

Making a place forbidden to be visited by people around is one way to stop any sort of damages being done to the place or perhaps to keep intruders out from things that are classified as top secret.

These places are usually related to any government bodies that have set these rules and regulations and there are several reasons why the law is being imposed. Here we would like to share with you some of the forbidden places to visit around the world.

1. Dulce Base (New Mexico, United States of America

Dulce Base was believed to be an underground facility between the human and alien race which is under Archuleta Mesa and close to the border of Colorado and New Mexico. Around this facility, there is a small village where around 2,600 indigenous people lived there.

This huge facility is the place where peculiar experiments are conducted and secret technologies are made. Some people also have said that it is home to the existence of hybrid humans, despite the truth being proved as of yet the place is still forbidden to be visited by regular people of the United States of America.

2. Bhangarh City (India)

This fort that was built in the 17th century is located in the Rajasthan state, India and the Indian government has officially made the city of Bhangarh the ghost town across the whole of India. 

Strict rules and regulation has been placed for visiting this haunted city starting at sunrise until dawn. According to the locals there, those who disobey this law are said to disappear mysteriously and never to be found.

3. Qin Shi Huang Tomb (Lintong, China)

This might be the scariest place to visit
 among the rest of the places on this list which explains the reason for the prohibition of visiting this place. It is the place for the grave of the founder of Dynasty Qin and the first Chinese Emperor as his body is buried under a very complex piece of land.
Over here also lies all the equipment and tools that the emperor will need in the afterlife. Some of the pieces of equipment include clay to make his own army, the Terracotta army. It has been said that the Chinese government does not allow digging the graves to respect those who have died.

4. Mount Weather (Virginia, United States of America)

Mount Weather is located 74 kilometers from Washington DC and it is a secret land for the United States Army which is strictly off-limits to any outsiders. The army base that is located in this mountain is the place for the transfer or relocation of high classed officers as well as citizens in case of any disaster that might occur.

Even though the place is said to be non-modern, it is fully equipped with all the essentials like a cafeteria, hospital, an electric-powered generator that is surrounded with signs of no entry, wired fences, and full of guards. Definitely a mysterious place out there.

5. Bank of England Vaults (London, England)

The place with the highest level of security, Bank of England Vaults is located in the middle of London city and it is a place not allowed to be visited by regular citizens. This is the bank where most gold is kept as much as 5.134 million kilograms or 5134 tonnes of gold and it is 1 out of 5 of the gold that exists on earth.

With an estimated worth of $250 billion, the vault in this bank is locked using a traditional metal lock but it is wired with electronic security to prevent those who try to steal the precious gold here.

6. Jiangsu National Security Education Center (Jiangsu, China)

This place is known as the Chinese Spy Museum and unlike other places listed here, it is not fully prohibited to visit. If you are a foreigner here then this place is off-limits for you. This museum is located in Nanjing, East of China and it contains displays such as small guns, mini cameras, and other things used for the Chinese spy according to the director of the museum.

These things are said to be too sensitive to be seen by the foreigners as to why the ban for the visit was placed. Only visitors from China may enter this museum and it is not allowed to take any pictures while inside.


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