Grant Cardone Story - An Inspirational Billionaire

Grant Cardone is an icon well-known for his inspirational stories of how he managed to get back on his feet. He has established 5 types of businesses and has a net worth of $2.6 billion. But not many know the stories of how he was before all of this since he loves to live in debt as well as highly being addicted to drugs.

After being advised by his own mother, Grant Cardone managed to turn his life around and save himself from going down the valley of shame. In an interview with CNBC, he said:

The best business advice I have ever gotten was from my own mother who have never got into business.


Inspiration and Motivation 

He also added that" The best investment that you can do is in yourself. It will always give a return. No one can ever take it from you and it will always be yours".

Struggling in order to fulfill the job's needs in a car sales company, Grant Cardone has always used his mother's advice throughout his lifetime. Despite hating the job, he decided to do it anyway.

He is always watching tutorial videos on how to make sales while he is having breakfast, while on his way to work as well as being the first to arrive at his work and last to return home.

Cardone is constantly committed to learning everything that he needs regarding sales and the automobile industry. In his first year of the job, he spent roughly 700 hours improving himself as a salesman.

Action and Relentless Effort

Grant Cardone starts to see his effort being paid off when he managed to make more money from $3000 a month to $6000 a month.
I still remember that my income of $3000 was more meaningful since it is more important for me

This matter has increased his self-esteem and confidence toward changing how he sees his own potential. As he reaches 30 years of age, Cardone has managed to get his first million.

With that being said, the key to success for Grant Cardone is his attitude to always keep pushing himself and keep on learning as well as having a strong ambition in order to change himself. 

Not just that, he is also someone who listens to his mother especially since his mother is the one who knows what is best for her own child. Hopefully, we all learned something meaningful from the inspirational story of Grant Cardone.


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