Top 10 Most Expensive School In The World

Having the best education for their children is every parent's dream and they are more than willing to spend big bucks so that their children will have a better education in the future. We as students might be used to having a field trips of going to factories, theme parks, and other such places.

However, for those who are in these prestigious schools which are mostly situated in Switzerland, a field trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro as well as the Alps is considered a normal thing for them.

For anyone to experience this 5-star lifestyle, you must also be sure to have a very thick wallet. Be ready to pay an annual fee of at least $70,000 just to be in the school.

10. Hurtwood House, Surrey, United Kingdom($70,000)

This private boarding school in the UK is considered not just the most expensive school in the country but also the best one yet. A school that uses as a religious home since the era of King Edward has a land of 200 acres.
Hurtwood House only holds as many as 340 students. The syllabus of their learning is more focused on creativity and arts. According to Tatler, the school has spent $95,000 to perfect the Chicago theater stage in that school.

Some of the popular alumni that went to this school are Emily Blunt and Hans Zimmer.

9. Brillantmont International School($70500)

The school which has the background of the wonderful Geneva Lake is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is an elite school that has been there for more than 130 years. Every end of the week from January and April, the students will have some fun by going on a trip playing ski.
Sometimes, their curricular activities can go to the extent of going to Nepal to participate in charity work. The students are also taught the moral values of the United Nation models aside from after-class activities such as joining a rock music club or even learning how to cook.

8. College Du Leman International School, Switzerland ($72,500)

Students from more than 100 countries are present in this school from Geneva. The curriculum that is offered is of a variety which includes yoga, art decorations, magic and even to become an illusionist.
Aside from that, students can also choose to learn ballet and classic dancing or even modern version like hip hops. Learning to be an artist is also one of the programs that have been a success with the initiative of a prestigious art school from New York which is Juilliard.

The students are also encouraged to get involved in charity work. So the school has organized an annual visit to Tanzania or Zambia for the students to see for themselves the efforts made thanks to the contributions and funds that have been collected.
However, not all trips appear to be this serious as some can be quite relaxing. Several activities take place each year as a field trip to a theme park in Germany.

7. Leysin American School, Switzerland ($84,000)

It has been reported that most of the Saudi Arabian royal family goes to this school. The Leysin American School was established in 1960 and it is located at the Leysin Alpine resort which is 2 hours far from Geneva.
Every winter season, the school will hold a ski term where the students are allowed to return home early at noon every Tuesday and Thursday to have fun playing skis or snowboards. When the weather is perfect for snow activities, they will not need to go to school at all during these days.

But the school's philosophy is very serious as it gives focuses on students being prepared to go to universities by reaching a target of at least 99% of students furthering their studies in college or universities.

6. Think Global School($86,000)

This unique school that has 44 international students will move to different locations around the globe every semester. The students learn classical knowledge by re-creating Odysseus path that travels using his ship through Greece. On top of that, they also observe Darwin's theory by learning biology on the Galapagos island.
The different path from year on out is where the students move to Peru, Maghribi, and Canada for one semester while for another they will travel to Botswana, India, Japan, and Spain. It is definitely a breathtaking experience to travel across many countries in the world.

5. The American School in Switzerland, Switzerland ($86,300)

This Swiss school is situated in the golden mountain which was named Collina d'Oro that is close to Lugano lake. The students here can choose to enjoy the accommodation from the 17th century or perhaps a more modern and environmentally friendly surrounding. 
Despite the school being an American School, the students come from 61 different countries. Emphasis is given to academics, especially arts in which 20 classes related to visual arts, music, and drama is being offered as well as photography and architecture.

Every spring season, the school will organize an art festival to celebrate the hard work of the students. This event will be visited by many famous artists and musicians around the world.
There will also be many activities to participate in such as ski, yoga to Zumba, and cheerleading. 

4. Auf Dem Rosenberg Institute, Switzerland ($87,000)

This school is one of the oldest and among the best school in Switzerland. It is located nearby St. Gallen city in an industrial area of 100,000 square meters. This institute offers 5 types of education including an A-level British and an American school diploma.

Every student is given intensive attention by the teachers with only 8 students in each class. Some of the sports activities in the school are quite different from other schools as the students can get involved in golf, horse riding, and skiing. It also put attention to cultural activities.
Each year, this school will be held its grand event called the Rosenberg Ball where parents from all over the world will come and see the acrobatic performance of their children.

To make this even possible, the students will undergo training each day after school to be trained by a professional coach between September and November. This annual show will give space to the students to learn a modern and traditional type of dance while giving their very own speech.

3. Alpin International Beau Soleil College($101,000)

Established in 1910, Alpin College has some of the best views of Mont Blanc which is one of the oldest boarding schools in Switzerland and has students from more than 40 different countries.
Some of the students that have attended this school include the racer, Jacques Villeneuve and Princess Marie from Denmark. The school's philosophy encourages the point of view towards the world.

The students were given a chance to get involved in expeditions to remote locations like Cambodia, Ghana, and Tanzania.

2. Aiglon College, Switzerland ($104,000)

This school is slightly different from other Swiss schools since it also has an observatory lab where students can learn about space, planets, and stars. The school also practices a different approach to roll call as the students will gather and meditate for 20 minutes before attending the class each Thursday and Friday. 
The school field trip involves a journey towards learning Swiss cultures and arts. For instance, a group trip for music and drama to London is to watch and see for themselves the show and what goes behind backstage as well as attend the Shakespeare's Globe theater. 

1. Le Rosey Institute, Switzerland ($110,000)

Le Rosey is the most expensive school in the world with an annual fee of $110,000. It has been attended by many elite students such as Sir Roger Moore, Elizabeth Taylor, millionaires, and even the European royal families. 
Some of the facilities provided here include a sailing ship with a size of 38 feet and a concert hall that can fit 1000 people. There is also an equestrian with 30 horses that can allow the students to learn skills like dressage. 
During summer and winter, the students can get themselves involved in academic activities, sports, and also arts. The Real Madrid Foundation Camp also provide training to those who wish to become professional football player.
Of course like other educational institutions in Switzerland, the ski activity is one of this school's identities. Whenever it is winter season, the students will be moved to another campus in Gstaad to play with the snow there.


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