Top 5 Best Chocolate Brands In The World

Chocolate is a delicacy that is enjoyed around the world and it is considered a commodity that will always be in high demand regardless of some of them having a high price tag. The sweet, creamy, and indulgent taste will fulfill anyone's desires making their taste buds tingle for sensation.

Because of that chocolate is also given to for special occasions to our beloved ones. Brands such as Cadbury and Kit Kat has been in the heart of chocolate lovers out there especially when the price and taste are very enticing.

Here we would like to share with you the top 5 best chocolates in the world that have been selling like hot pancakes all the time.

1. Mars Wrigley Confectionary

The chocolate brand on top of the list will be Mars Wrigley Confectionary for the year 2020. This company managed to rake in a profit of more than $18 billion. For those who don't know, Mars Wrigley Confectionary is the owner of many popular chocolate brands out there such as Mars, M&Ms, and Snickers.

So it is not surprising that the brand Mars alone managed to bank in a very huge profit for the company.

2. Ferrero Group

The luxurious chocolate, Ferrero Rocher belongs to an Italian company Ferrero Group. Their main chocolate Ferrero Rocher has become the main contributor to the company's overall profit of $13 billion in 2020.

Not just that, Ferrero Group also owns other popular chocolate that people all loved like Nutella and Kinder. Don't be shocked as the Ferrero Group managed to sell almost 365,000 tons of Nutella chocolate each year.

3. Mondalēz International

Some of you might not know of the parent company Mondal
ēz International but it is a company based on chocolate. However if we were to talk about Toblerone and Cadbury, it is very well known for being the most desired chocolate out there.

And for the fact that Mondalēz International also owns these two brands made the company very rich. The company is also responsible for the brand Oreo, the best chocolate biscuits to be eaten with milk.
Mondalēz International operates in more than 80 countries worldwide and managed to generate as much as $12 billion annually.

4. Meiji Co Ltd

Meiji Co Ltd is a company not many might have known despite their products being in the market for so long. The name Meiji might not be familiar but when it comes to Yan Yan and Hello Panda, some of you might have loved it.

Both these chocolate brands have been sold in 40 countries around the world and have a very strong presence in Asia. Yan Yan might be the chocolate that has light up your day when you were a kid and it definitely has become a part of your life.

As of last year, Meiji Co Ltd has reported an annual revenue of $9.7 billion.

5. Hershey Co

Hershey is one of the big players in the chocolate industry in the United States of America to the extent that they managed to rake in $8 billion in the previous year. They produce many types of chocolate like the chocolate syrup that we put on ice cream and waffles.

Unlike other companies stated above, Hershey also sells their own beverages. So from the list above which one do you think will be your favorite one. Looking at this will definitely remind you of all the sweet memories of the past.

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