Top 5 Worst Tourists In The World

Traveling around the world has become a hobby for most people as long as they are financially stable for it. The cost of traveling has become relatively cheap due to the existence of low-cost air travel which means anybody can fly.

However, some people might believe that it is better for certain people out there to stay in their own country and not bother to visit theirs. Here we would like to share with you some of the worst tourists you can find due to the disrespect and bad habits they portray when visiting other countries.

1. China

Some people might have a bad experience when encountering Chinese tourists out there and they have a reputation for being some of the worst tourists out there. These attitudes can be like fighting over shrimp being served as a buffet, thinking that everywhere is a toilet, and having no disrespect for any public place.

But we must be fair considering that Chinese tourists will be among the many ones out there and most of them have the privilege of traveling, unlike others. Due to this, you will find many Chinese tourists everywhere you go but you might also believe that not all of them act that way, right?

Even the Chinese government felt ashamed of the behavior of some of their citizens that have ruined the image of their nation. They even go to the extent to allow any individual to capture some of these embarrassing acts of Chinese tourists so that they will be premiered on their television.

2. Great Britain 

Cases related to British tourist is not far from different compared to Chinese tourist or perhaps they might be much worse. In a study conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UK 7 out of 100 of their tourists admit to having sex in the open while 20 out of 100 of them confess to running around naked in front of many people. 

The most problem that occurs involving British tourists is when they are drunk as they love picking on fights with the locals and things can easily get out of hand. In 2009, a teenager named Thomas Strong was seen flashing his penis to the statue of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk while cursing him without any reason.

The locals were kind enough to only call the police and not beat him up right there.

3. United States of America

We can almost see American tourists everywhere when we are traveling and some of you might think that these Americans bring about a mentality that most people cannot accept. This is when the Americans believe that they will get whatever they want and when they want it.

In research involving American tourists, 64% of them admit to stealing in hotels while 13% confess to not paying the surcharges when applied. There have been several cases involving American citizens in their bad habits.

For instance when an individual named Steve Cho who was a New Yorker stripped off his clothes and started wandering around the Phuket Airport while throwing his own shit at other staff who tried to calm him down. 

At the time Steve Cho was having trouble due to taking too much Viagra.

4. Russia

It seems that Russia has a different habit of visiting other countries to the extent that the Russian government is forced to publish an official leaflet on the guidance of traveling for the people. The leaflet advises on the things that need to be followed and abide by following several incidents that have occurred in the past.

Some of them include calling the black people 'negro' especially when they are visiting countries like Kenya and they were told to not compare the locals with monkeys as well as many other guidelines.

Even the Russians themselves can feel uncomfortable with their own domestic tourists. In the research that was conducted in 2013, 42% of Russians feel disgraced with their own society and visit other states in Russia as tourists. 
They are very well-known for their harsh behavior and there have been many cases involving Russian tourists that have been reported before.

5. Germany

Germany is known for being the most developed nation in Europe and having the best societal system out there. However, the same cannot be said regarding tourists from the country as they are labeled as one of the most problematic tourists in the world. Three simple words described them; egoistic, boring, and love to be naked.

The Germans are known for always being naked while on a holiday and they are also among the highest among those that will not wear any clothes on their body compared to other tourists especially at the beach on a fancy yacht.

One of the common habits of German tourists that may seem odd to other people is that they will put their towel on a chair by the pool as a sign of claiming dibs on the chair. They will then go somewhere else first like walking around or going for breakfast before going back to their rightful chair.

One thing for sure is that if somebody is sitting there when they get back, a fight will definitely take place.


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