7 Jobs That Robots Can't Have

The advancement of technology is generally accepted as something very beneficial as it eases our daily lives. However, we are also forced to accept the harsh reality that this modernization has also caused some of us to be irrelevant in our jobs.

In this article, we will focus more on Artificial Intelligence(AI) and how it can be applied in many things including health diagnosis, e-commerce platforms, robotics, and many more. Despite many jobs being heavily impacted by the use of AI, there are several jobs out there that robots cannot have, and seems impossible to be replaced by AI technology.

1. Book Writer

Basically, writing is re-arranging the words that are already present in a dictionary into something enticing and interesting to read. So some of you might think that AI technology will soon change the patterns of how languages are being used in our own writings. But for novel and narrative writings, it might not be that simple.

A fan of the Game of Thrones series and also a professional programmer named Zake Thoutt got bored of waiting for George R.R. Martin to write the next book The Winds of Winter has developed an AI program. He decided to create intelligent software that is capable of writing this particular book.

But the result was not to his expectation as it came out far worst than any human can write.

2. Fashion Designer

The process of sewing and the job as a tailor can indeed be said to be heavily affected by the use of machinery that made the sewing process a lot quicker and more efficient. But the task of designing and creating a particular fashion cannot be done by the use of AI.

In general, a robot does not have a sense of touch similar to a human does. The robots without a doubt can perform a perfectly straight line sew and not more than that. The effort of designing clothes using AI has been done once by Steve Dickerson with his robot creation known as "SoftWEAR" but the output was very disappointing.

3. Psychologist

One crazy thing about artificial intelligence is the showing of empathy. Since AI has never become a human, the question will be how will it have emotions just like us? Even Chatbots were not able to pass the Turing Test which means they cannot communicate on the same level as humans can.

Alexa and Siri also could not understand the request of searches each time effectively. We should ask ourselves if we really want an AI to give us advice regarding our mental and psychological emotions? Of course not!

4. Musicians

Artificial Intelligence has made its own music from the Irish song to the marimba and the result is quite decent. In Japan, a fictional video game named Hatsune Miku is very popular to the extent that it sold its own concert. 

However, don't be too worried since an AI cannot by far produce the same quality of song as a composer or producer can. When the work itself is related to arts like becoming a musician, fashion designer or even writer, an AI cannot even be matched with the works produced by a human.

5. Judges

In 2015, the College London University has created an algorithm that can predict the outcome of cases in courts with 79% of them being correct. This has helped them to reduce the workload required to arrange the paperwork to find the cases that won. 

But this does not mean that robots can ever replace the job of a judge. Human empathy has quite a relation to the outcome of the case. For instance, a poor mother who stole bread due to hunger might be released with a minimum penalty compared to a person who robbed a bank. 

Without 100% accuracy in the predictions of an AI, a person might be sentenced to jail despite being not guilty.

6. Police

A few people believed that the Robocop is one of the initiatives in enforcing the law with the use of technology. But in reality, a human being will not only want an AI robot to be responsible for arresting criminals.

At Shanghai Jiao Tong University, there has been a program that was made by using facial recognition technology to determine whether a person is a criminal or not. This program evaluates features such as scars, facial expressions as well as the curves of someone's lips.

This program has received much negative criticism because it is clear that someone could not change their faces since birth except for plastic surgery of course. But what if someone is innocent but got a scar due to an accident, will he or she be arrested?

7. Art Teacher

Art is a very crucial part of the culture and history of mankind. Not just that but art can also be said to be subjective since 1000 artists will produce 1000 different types of art. The perspective of a person regarding the artwork is also different and there is no marking system similar to objective questions.

Do you think a robot can make something much superior compared to an art teacher? So far the answer is still no. Even though there is a presence of AI that can determine color, composition, and face recognition, in art it is almost impossible for an AI to replace the job of a human.


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