Top 7 Most Expensive Plastic Surgeries

Plastic surgery can be divided into two different categories which are reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. This matter has become a hot topic that people talked about openly for the past decade. Regardless of the reason, many have tried looking up information on the procedures of plastic surgery and some even admit to doing it.

Despite plastic surgery being something that people want and in high demand, the procedures will definitely put a hole in your wallet and it also comes with risks. Now we would like to share with you some of the most expensive plastic surgery procedures as of now.

7. Browplasty

Price: Between $1500 and $10,500
This plastic surgery procedure will make the person look much younger as it reduced the wrinkles on the forehead as well as on the eyebrow making the patient looks more stunning. This surgery is usually performed by those who also do face and nose surgery.

There are two methods known as the Classic Lift and Endoscopic Lift. Both these looks utilize invasive methods that involve cutting a line of hair and raising the forehead. With the presence of Botox, many people preferred other methods that do not require the use of knives by taking Botox injections instead for several months.

6. Mammoplasty (Breast reduction)

Price: Between $5475 and $12271
The procedure to change the appearance of the breasts are not only done as cosmetic surgery. Many people with big breasts are looking for ways to make them smaller to help ease their physical and psychological pain.

Even though this procedure is most commonly performed on women, men with gynecomastia(men with abnormally large breasts) often choose to also do this procedure. Sometimes the situation does not require the person to undergo surgery and instead a procedure called liposuction(sucking the fat) is performed.

5. Rhinoplasty (Nose surgery)

Price: Between $2500 and $15,000
Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery in the world. Not similar to other plastic surgery on this list, it is usually performed for cosmetic purposes or as a reconstructive procedure for those involved in accidents or defects since birth.

The reconstructive procedure can repair the damage on the nose, correct the defects since birth, aid in breathing as well as repeat the last rhinoplasty surgery that has failed. Rhinoplasty will change the appearance of the nose either to make it smaller or more pointy.

4. Platysmaplasty (Neck surgery)

Price: Between $4000 and $15,000
Plastysmaplasty is commonly performed with surgery on the face. It involved the process of removing excess fat and skin near the neck to improve the neck's appearance. Like face surgery, this procedure will make the person looks much younger.

The platysmaplasty procedure comprises removing excess skin, removing or changing the neck muscles, sucking excess fat, and Botox or Kybella injection to remove the excess fat underneath the chin.

3. Abdominoplasty (Stomach reduction)

Price: Between $6000 and $15,000
Abdominoplasty is a procedure to make the stomach smaller and another expensive and popular plastic surgery. This procedure is usually performed on patients after reducing their body weight, during pregnancy or through other stomach surgeries like giving birth by the caesarian method.

Abdominoplasty can lose the excess skin and fat as well as straighten the wall muscles of the stomach. Aside from that, this procedure can be combined together with other procedures like liposuction. This surgery is usually quick and can be done in just two to three hours.

2. Rhytidectomy (facelift)

Price: Between $6715 and $15,415
Despite Rhytidecttomy being one of the most common plastic surgeries that we have heard of, the cost can be overwhelming. Depending on the type of surgery to be done, it can cost between $6715 - $15,415. This procedure serves the purpose of facelifting a person's face by removing the loose skin giving the person a younger face.

This procedure will reduce make the skin tighter near the cheek and jawline, the deep flaps at the side of the nose until the mouth as well as excess fat near the neck. Even though this surgery can make you look younger it does treat damages due to UV rays and other aging processes.

1. Removal of Excess Fat In The Body

Price: Between $7,000 and $30,000
As of now, this procedure is the most expensive plastic surgery in the world with a whopping cost of $7,000 to $30,000. In these past few years, this procedure has been very popular and received high demand, especially for those who want to reduce weight by bariatric and the drastic change in body weight.

Usually, after someone reduces their body weight rapidly, the individual who was previously obese will experience loose skin all over the body that can cause itchiness and discomfort.


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