Top 7 Oldest Bridges In The World That Still Exist

Bridges have become one of human's greatest inventions that existed for thousands of years. The builts of bridges will not only save time to get to our destination but also ensure the safety of getting there. Even though the bridges that we see today are mostly made out of high resistant metals and steel, the bridges back then used to be made out of wood, stones, and clays.

For this article, we would like to share with you the top 7 oldest bridges in the world that still exist to this date. A majority of the bridges on this list are still being utilized by man and had become historic landmarks in certain places.

7. Cendere Bridge

Cendere Bridge or also known as Severan or Septimius Severus Bridge is a Roman bridge that has existed since the time of the final emperor of Rome. It is situated nearby an ancient city called Arsameia in southeast Turkey.

Even though an older bridge is located in the same place, the Cendere Bridge was dated since 200 BC. The Candere bridge is now one of the most crucial national parks in Turkey that is also recognized as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

6. Ponte Sant'Angelo

Ponte Sant'Angelo is another popular Roman bridge in the world. This bridge was ordered to be built by the Hadrian emperor to cross the Tiber river from the city of Rome to get to his tomb which was built and known as Castel Sant'Angelo.

In the past, this bridge was also called Pons Aelius which means Hadrian Bridge. Today, this bridge is only to be used by pedestrians to give a great view of the Tiber River as well as Castel Sant'Angelo.

5. Alcántara Bridge

The Alc
ántara Bridge is another Roman bridge that still exists to this day. This curved rock bridge was built on top of the Tagus River after the Trajan emperor issued an order for its construction in the year 98 AD.

The construction of the Alcántara bridge started in 104 AD and finished two years after. Several parts of the Alcántara bridge were destroyed as time goes by before the main pillars were fully repaired in 1969.

4. Pons Fabricius

The Pons Fabricius or Ponte dei Quattro Capi is the oldest Roman bridge that still remains intact in its original form. It was built in 62 BC and every curve meets at the center point of the Tiber River. The Pons Fabricius has a length of 62 meters and 5.5 meters in height.

According to Dio Cassius, a nationalist and Rome historian, Pons Fabricius was built to replace the previous wooden bridge that was burnt down. The bridge was named after Lucious Fabricius, a road curator at that time. Even though the bridge is very old it still remains strong ever since it was built and is still being utilized today.

3. Caravan Bridge

Even though there are still a few bridges that are far much older, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the bridge on top of the Meles river which is known as the Caravan Bridge is the oldest bridge that is still being used to this day.

This ancient bridge was built around 850 BC in Izmir, Turkey. At one point in time, the Caravan Bridge functioned as a  gateway to control the people that get into the city of Izmir. Meles River is well-known as the birthplace of the ancient Greek author legend, Homer.

This particular river and the Caravan bridge are often shown in most of Homer's work.

2. Tarr Steps

Tarr Steps is an ancient clapper bridge that is located at the Barle River in the Exmoor National Park in Somerset, England. Not many are sure about the age of the bridge but some claimed that it was probably built at least more than 1000 BC ago.
The bridge comprises 17 pieces of rocks(roughly 180 feet) and was considered the best example of a clapper-type bridge. This bridge was previously ruined due to the floods but it was reconstructed again.

1. Arkadiko Bridge

Arkadiko bridge is also known as Kazarma Bridge and is believed to be the oldest bridge in the world that still exists. It is a curved type bridge of this type and it is still being used by the locals.

During the Mycenaen times(the end phase of the Bronze Greek times between 1600 to 1100 BC), the Arkadiko Bridge serves the purpose of a pathway between the cities of Tiryns and Epidaurus.

The Arkadiko Bridge was built around 1300 to 1190 BC and is a part of a bigger highway in this region.


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