Top 5 Richest Beggars In The World

Money is not everything but in order for you to survive money is needed. For those less fortunate in finding money and not having a job, one of the paths that they go down is by being street beggars.

Begging is definitely not something that people are willing to do and is also not easily done especially when their own pride is involved. But one thing that not a lot of people know about this field is that a job as a beggar can be quite lucrative sometimes to the extent that their money's worth is more than a CEO's salary.

Here we would like to share with you the top 5 richest beggars in the world who get paid more than a CEO does.

1. Simon Wright (England)

In the streets of Putney High in London, there is a man with dirty old clothes holding a box sign that states homeless and hungry. For 3 years, Simon Wright has sat day from day to day, morning to evening and you can clearly see the look on his face with a clear poverty look on his face.

A police officer named Oliver knew the man felt sympathy regarding Simon's fate and decided to do something about it. One night, Oliver followed the beggar to his home quietly to see the place where he lives so that Simon can be helped.

To his surprise, he was quite shocked about the discovery as he saw Simon walking in a posh apartment near Fulham and you will be surprised at the price of the house that he owns. The apartment was estimated to be worth £300,000.
Simon was later on arrested and banned under the court law for his anti-social act. A week later under the court order, police found that Simon was begging at Leicester Square. He was again arrested for the second time but later released of guarantee.

Not repenting for his past actions, Simon was again on the move to beg at Coventry Street half an hour after his release. Finally, he was arrested again but was prohibited to be released of guarantee.

Investigators discovered that Simon managed to collect almost £50,000 each year. In fact, what better way to spend the money rather than Simon himself going to clubs and elite bars flexing his huge spendings.

2. Eisha (Saudi Arabia)

When the famous beggar passed away, she was 100 years old. After her death, Eisha's friend Saeedi revealed her true assets worth approximately $1 million. Her wealth included 4 buildings that were given to the local authorities after her death.

This revealment had shocked her whole neighbors that simply did not know regarding her huge wealth. According to Saeedi, a big portion of Eisha's wealth was from the begging effort she had done for more than 50 years.

She has begged together with her family and inherited their wealth after the death of both his mother and sister. A few families live by Eisha's estate for free and the tenants also said that the old lady has never asked for any rent.

Saeedi also stated that she tried to persuade her friend to stop begging numerous times. She asked her to leave behind this profession since she already owned an immense wealth but she constantly rejected it and said that she is preparing for the hard times to come.

In her inheritance, Eisha has also stated that after her death, all her wealth will be distributed among the poors.

3. Bharat Jain (India)

Seeing the number of beggars on the street of Mumbai, India is not something weird or new. But finding one that is a millionaire is definitely something out of the blue. That man will be Bharat Jain who gathered his wealth by begging all his life.

In fact, he is not just a millionaire but also one of the richest ones in the world. Bharat Jain will beg anywhere from 8 to 10 hours a day by collecting an income of roughly 2500 rupees in a day.

If we were to compare, this income is 3 times more than the usual average of how much workers in India make. In addition to this high income, Bharat is also a businessman where he owns commercial buildings that are rented for 10,000 rupees a month.

Not just that, Bharat also owns two luxury apartments in Patel Nagar that both costs around 8 million rupees each. Ever since the world knows about his wealth, Bharat starts to become a celebrity that can be seen begging around Mumbai.

4. Irwin Corey (USA)

What used to be a celebrity, Irwin Corey has begged for 17 years during his lifetime. Irwin is a comedy who managed to gain his wealth before the end of his career. After retiring, Irwin started to beg full time.

What is surprising is the amount of money that Irwin managed to get each day by begging which is around $150 to $250 in a day. But the good thing is that Irwin is also a philanthropist in which the money gained in begging is funneled directly to charities in Cuba.

Of course, most of us are unaware of the wealth of the beggars when we want to give them money. But in Irwin's case, most people already know his status but since his effort to help those in need, they consider it as a good idea.

5. Sambhaji Kale (India)

When thinking of beggars one clear picture is people that sit at the side of the street and ask for money. However, for Sambhaji and his family, begging is one profession that has been pursued by the four of them.

Living in the street of Mumbai, Sambhaji and his family begged all day long, and begging in Mumbai is definitely something lucrative. With the money gained, Sambhaji managed to save around 50,000 rupees each month after deducting their expenses.

The money will then be invested in several companies and have given them handsome returns. Sambhaji also owns an apartment in Mumbai and two more houses in Solapur City, Maharashtara.

Who knew that begging will become a very decent career for some people out there who wish to let go of their pride and beg for money.


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