How To Test Gold At Home With Ease

The demand for gold becomes higher as we speak but in order to get your hands on gold, we need to be sure that they are genuine. In order to test gold for its authenticity, there are various methods that can be done.

It is not only used as jewelry to be worn, gold is also considered one of the best investments for hedging and not to mention profitable. When there is a promotion going on for gold, most people will be willing to spend big bucks on them.

There are many cases of scams out there on gold where they give you a fake one instead. We will share with you some of the easy ways for you to test the gold at home.

1. Scratching The Gold On A Ceramic Surface

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to get it done and by scratching gold on top of a ceramic surface, one can know the authenticity of the gold. Some claimed that after scratching it off, there will be black marks left behind on the gold. This will means that the gold is fake.

On the other hand, if there are no black marks present, it is highly likely pure in nature.

2. Weighing Them And Measuring The Density

The second common way to get it done will be to measure the gold and measuring its density. You can simply get a digital scale and measure the gold on top.

But to measure the density of gold, one must also submerge them in water, If the volume of the water remains unchanged after taking out the gold from the water, then the gold is most definitely genuine.

3. Visually Examining The Gold.

You must have seen it on tv where the goldsmith will take out their small magnifying glass in order to examine the gold physically. Every gold will have its own readings between 1 and 999 or in carats, they are denoted as 10K, 14K, 22K, or 24K. Bear in mind that sometimes the fake gold can be labeled as these figures to confuse the customers.

Therefore the gold experts will look at the gold carefully using a magnifying glass. This is preferably the first step to be used when examining the gold.

4. Using A Magnet

You may have known that other metals can easily be attracted to magnets and this is perhaps one of the useful methods to check gold. If your gold gets attracted to the magnet then it is highly likely a fake one.

Gold that is attracted to a magnet has a high content of metals in which the metals are mixed together with the gold. 

5. Biting Down the Metal But Not Too Hard

The final way will be to bite down your precious gold as you see most Olympic athletes do when they get their gold medal. They will bite down the medal in order to see whether it is fake or not.

But be sure not to bite it down so hard as you definitely don't want to leave a big dent in your gold especially if it is a 24K gold.

With that being said, in order to identify your gold of being genuine or not, be sure to use the methods above. If not you will definitely feel frustrated after knowing you have been scammed.


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