Top 7 Most Expensive Rapper Chains In The World

In the world of hip-hop, chains can be seen worn by almost every famous rapper out there and it is more than just a symbol of wealth. It is instead the status of the rapper. It can be said that all rappers will have their very own unique chains that they wear which differ according to their identity.

This luxurious jewelry has become the benchmark of success in their career in the hip-hop industry. For decades-long, rappers can be seen competing with one another to flex their most expensive chains that money can buy.

Here we would like to share with you the top 7 most expensive chains owned by rappers in the world.

7. Solar System ($500,000)

Singer: Takeoff

Takeoff is one of the rappers belonging to the Migos group aside from Offset and Quavo. Aside from being well-known due to his colorful specs, Takeoff also has an amazing diamond chain.

This big chain was called the Solar System and it might just be one of the most complicated designs on this list. The chain features dangling balls hanging onto it which symbolized the planets in our solar system with the huge diamond medallion representing the sun.

This 1 kg chain comprises 200 carats of diamonds and Takeoff spent a whopping $500,000 to get his hand on this chain.

6. Crunk Ain't Dead ($500,000)

Singer: Lil Jon

The rapper, Lil Jon owns this unique chain that he called Crunk Ain't Dead, and once long ago it was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive rapper chain in the world.

The chain which weighs 2.3 kg contains more than 3,700 white diamonds worth 73 carats. Similar to Takeoff, Lil Jon also spent $500,000 for this 7.5-inch chain. The singer which can be said as an old player in the hip-hop industry has produced 7 albums and 15 singles.

5. Twin Panther ($500,000)

Singer: Gucci Mane

The Twin Panther chain is owned by the singer, Gucci Mane and it does not look similar to most chains that other famous rappers usually wear. In fact, the chain itself also does not have any medals or medallions on it.

Despite all of that, the chain being carved resembles the head of the panther and it is still considered unique on top of its huge price tag. Overall, this chain cost $500,000 and it contains 1800 diamonds embedded in it.

Gucci Mane has a huge variety of chains in his collection but the Twin Panther is among the most expensive ones yet.

4. 64 Crayons ($500,000)

Singer: Sean Kingston

This Jamaican rapper is well known for his great songs mainly rap and reggae. His most popular song Beautiful Girls also features one of the most expensive chains in the world of hip-hop.

The chain was given the name 64 Crayons and it was created according to the shape of the crayon box. The chain was made from pure white gold and colorful diamonds to symbolize the typical color of crayons. At the back of the chain is written "Go crayons".

This $500,000 dollar chain is not only highly-priced but also the most expensive crayons in the world.

3. Ice Age ($1 million)

Singer: Mike Jones

The rapper Mike Jones might not be as heard of as other rappers out there but one thing for sure is he definitely has the bling to flex to you all. His chain is called the Ice Age and it was made from sparkling diamonds and white gold with the center written "Ice Age".

In 2009, Mike Jones found out that his priceless possession suddenly went missing in his residence and it was believed to have been stolen by one of his close peers. It was quite fortunate for him that he insured this expensive chain and managed to get back what he paid for.

2. N.E.R.D. ($1 million)

Singer: Pharrel Williams

The rapper, Pharrel Williams produced this chain known as N.E.R.D. in 2006 and it was to commemorate the group which he established back in 1999.

However, the N.E.R.D. group only managed to sustain itself for 6 years before it was disbanded in 2005 when Williams decided to go solo.

The N.E.R.D. chain was recognized as one of the most expensive rap chains to ever be created. This chain was made only with the purest gold and decorated with white diamonds and various other expensive jewelry.

The medal on this chain features a version of Pharrel Williams and his other N.E.R.D. group members.

1. The Face ($1.5 million)

Singer: Rick Ross

The chain to top the list will be the Face locket worn by the famous Rick Ross. This rapper booked his chain with a locket that looked just like himself. This replica chain was made from gold, diamonds, and many other gemstones.

For the price of $1.5 million, this chain was acknowledged as the most expensive rapper chain in the world. This Miami singer also has other collections of expensive jewelry like his bracelet and fine watches.

In fact, Rick Ross is also a fan of video games as he owns a huge collection of unique video games that are rarely found.


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