5 Most Expensive Yoyo Models Ever Made

For those who were born in the 90s, you all must have remembered the moment you held your first yoyo when the toy used to be a phenomenon back then. Yoyo from brands such as Proyo was sold exclusively through convenience stores and pump stations.

To become a professional yoyo player, one needs to have the proper skills for it and that requires long training and some creativity. Some of the most popular yoyos one time ago were Bumblebee from Proyo.

Despite yoyo not being that popular today, this toy still brings back nostalgia to collectors who are willing to pay huge amounts to get their hands on it. In fact, there were also tournaments where people can showcase their sets of skills in front of the crowd every year.

Here we would like to share with you the top 5 most expensive yoyos ever sold on the market.

5. Duncan Freehand Mg Yo-Yo

Duncan a very popular name for making yoyo, has made a variation from their FH Zero yoyo called Duncan Freehand Mg for their De-Luxxe series. The yoyo was made from 99.5% of mixed magnesium while the rest is from stabilized metal.

Several models have been anodized whereas the rest is in powdered-coated metal. This yoyo was released in 2004 and sold until 2014. The improvements made in this yoyo include ceramic bearing, additional spacer, Duncan balancing set, and 4 friction adhesives.

One example of it being sold was on eBay on 21 May 2022 in the original box with the head that can be collected with other hardware. It was not in mint condition however but someone managed to get it for $550.

4. YoYoFactory Catch22

The Catch22 Yo-Yo by YoYoFactory comes in a hard plastic case that looked as if the thing kept inside was a pistol. The box part tells us many interesting details including the middle slot of the yoyo that is layered by a small plastic case inside the slot for hardware and software replacement in this high-tech yoyo.

There is also a description stating "further skills are required". This yoyo and the plating are made from titanium that was originally issued in 2009. The development of its dual metal can be recognized almost immediately.

Despite the 2022 version being available from YoYoFactory for the price of $430, the older model 0f 2009 is much more valuable. One of them was sold on eBay for $700.

3. Original Pedro Flores Yoyo

Pedro Flores plays a crucial role in the creation of yoyo, starting from its first yoyo factory in 1928 in Santa Barbara, California all the way to the Phillippines. However, he sold the "yoyo" signature to the Duncan company in 1930.

Duncan's company took this toy to a global scale. So it is not surprising to see the original Pedro Flores yoyo very rare to be found. This model sometimes known as the Big F features a wooden built yoyo with an ink stomp on top. This Yoyo was only made between 1929 - 1930.

The main innovation for this toy includes wrapping rope around the axle compared with the traditional ones that wrapped around the outside.

2. Vintage Coca-Cola Black Special Yoyo

This limited edition yoyo featuring the Coca-Cola Black Special is a yoyo made by Jack Russel in Australia. It was also branded with Coca-Cola for this special edition box. The exclusive model was created and gifted to the executives of the Coca-Cola company in the 1970s.

Today, this limited edition yoyo is one of the best yoyos they ever made. One example being kept and sold in its original black box was sold on 9 June 2022 beating the record of $2827 AUD or $1,941 USD.

The first exclusive yoyo made by Russel was in 1967 in Australia and collectors estimated that there are around 200 of these yoyos in existence making its value so high.

1. Yoyo Signed By Richard Nixon

The most expensive yoyo on this list will be the one that was signed by Richard Nixon. The yoyo was used by Roy Acuff, a music legend, in the opening of the Grand Ole Opry House showing Richard Nixon how to play a yoyo in 1974.

The year 1974 is an important year since it is also the same year that Nixon resigns from his position due to a political scandal. He had signed this yoyo shooting the price up high and was auctioned in 2004.

It was sold for a whopping $16,209 making it the most expensive yoyo ever to be sold on the market. But then again the buyer of this yoyo remains mysterious. For those of you who don't know, Richard Milhous Nixon is the 37th president of the United States servicing between 1969 to 1974.


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