Top 5 Highest Marathon Prize Money Ever

Winning a sports event is one way of gaining some cash and in some cases, it can be very lucrative as you put your utmost effort into them. You will have to compete against some of the best players around the world to win it but it will definitely be worth it.

With numerous world-class runners from Africa, all athletes are fighting against the clock to be the first runner to finish the marathon and with so much prize money at stake, everyone will give in everything they have got.

Only the ones at the podium will take a huge fraction of that prize money and here we would like to share with you some of the top highest marathon prize money that you could try.

5. Tokyo Marathon ($600,000)

The Tokyo Marathon has the biggest prize money in all of Asia offering $600,000 to the top athletes in 2021. It was not only popular in Japan but all over the world as we see an increasing number of athletes applying to be in this race.

It is an annual event held in the city of Tokyo and it is considered one of the World Marathon Majors. On top of that, wheelchair runners will also get a slice of the prize money.

4. Chicago Marathon ($610,000)

Another big marathon on the list will be the Bank of America Chicago Marathon as you can see the huge prize money of $610,000 for competing athletes. You will also get another bonus for finishing before the course record.

Runners will enjoy the mesmerizing scenery of the city of Chicago as they race to the finish line at Grant Park. The top finisher in the open division(both men and women) will walk away with $75,000 in prize money.

3. New York City Marathon ($870,000)

The top finisher of this marathon will get to take $100,000 each for both men and women. The New York City Marathon has never failed to offer huge prize money each year and with so many competitors out there, athletes will have to work extra hard to get it.

If you are an American then you might as well try as the top American finishers will also get $25,000. Another $50,000 bonus will be given to those who break the course record.

2. Boston Marathon ($879,000)

The Boston Marathon is well known for being the oldest marathon in the world. With total prize money of $879,000, we will surely see the best-competing athletes out there on the track.

The first-place open-division winner will take home $150,000 for both men and women. You will also get an additional $50,000 for breaking the course records on the open division and the wheelchair division.

There is also a para division for all the para-athletes to participate in.

1. Dubai Marathon ($1,000,000+)

Not only is Dubai known for being one of the wealthiest cities in the world but it also has its own marathon that offers the highest prize money ever. The Dubai Marathon started back in 2000 when only 15,000 participants were present.

However, the 2008 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon had the biggest prize money in history with $1,000,000 being offered for the race and another million for breaking the world's record. However, the recent marathon can be seen to decrease their prize money drastically but nevertheless, it is still considerably high.


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