Top 5 Rarest Ferrari Cars In The World

When we talk about posh cars, one of the brands that come to mind will be the iconic Ferrari. Almost everyone in the world would have heard of it as it is a symbol of wealth, sophistication, and most importantly, speed.

Ever since the first Ferrari made its way on the road in 1947, Ferrari cars have become the top wanted cars for the rich. So, it is not surprising to see it today being super rare and expensive. The company did not produce many units as they put more emphasis on producing a top-notch Ferrari car.

Every year, Ferrari will only release a few thousand units in total, and for some of the most outstanding models, Ferrari might release a few units at the very least. But the question is, what are some of the rarest Ferrari cars in the world that are hard to obtain?

5. Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione

The Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzine is a super rare Ferrari car that is a prototype variant for the Group B GT race in the 1980s. This two-doored car was designed by Giuliano Michelotto. Ferrari only released 6 units of this car and each one represents a rare discovery for the collectors.

This car comes with a red outer design that brings vibrant attention on top of the improved dynamics. Aside from that, the manufacturer added a V8 twin turbo charge engine that gives it a remarkable performance.

Ferrari built the 288 GTO Evoluzine for the Group B set for the grand touring(GT) championship introduced by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile(FIA). However, the FIA cancel the Group B series which ultimately puts the production of this Ferrari to a halt.

4. Ferrari F50 GT1

The Ferrari F50 GT is an ultra-rare variant of Ferrari cars with high performance among the legendary supercars. It was specially created to compete in the FIA GT championship race.

The F50 GT is powered by a V12 4.7 liter engine which produces 750 horsepower. The features several improvements compared to its competitors such as the aerodynamic modification, a more aggressive body kit component made from light carbon replacement, and a spacious interior.

In addition, advanced racing technology such as the 6-speed transmission and sophisticated suspension was also included in the car. With a limited edition production and outstanding design, this car is one of the hunted cars among collectors.

3. Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale

It is believed that only 2 models of the Ferrari 265 P Berlinetta Speciale were ever made. It was designed by Pininfarina and this car features a unique outer design with aerodynamic lights and a long front grill that shows the iconic Ferrari logo.

Inside, the cabin offers a luxurious experience with comfortable seats made out of the finest leather and a dashboard that was designed to place various gauges and controls. The Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale is powered by a high-performance engine that offers super speed and one of a kind driving experience.

Well known for its exclusivity, this Ferrari is one of the most valuable collectible cars. This car represents the amount of dedication and commitment of Ferrari towards creating an outperforming car that combines power, exclusivity, and elegance.

2. Ferrari 330 P4 (1967)

Ferrari first introduced the legendary Ferrari 330 P4 as an improvement to the 330 P3 1967 model to dominate the endurance race event. The Ferrari 330 P4 comes in a V12 engine that is capable of producing 450 horsepower with a 3-valve head cylinder similar to the Formula 1 engine.

Visually, the Ferrari 330 P4 offers eternal beauty and great aerodynamic thanks to its bodily design. Today, it is believed that only one genuine Ferrari 330 P4 is in existence with the 0856 chassis number. It was introduced in 1967 and only 4 units of this model were ever made.

1. Ferrari P4/5 (2006)

Many Ferrari fans might have never heard of the P4/5 model. In fact, Ferrari themselves originally did not know of this built until the project started after it was ordered by James Glickenhaus.

James Glickenhaus is a filmmaker and son of the Wall Street tycoon, Seth Glickenhaus. When asked, Glickenhaus stated that he wanted the modern version of the Ferrari P4 old version, and the Ferrari P4/5(2006) was specially booked for him.

With the final chassis of the Ferrari Enzo that was not sold, the P4/5 is a true beast as it is more focused on track use. This Ferrari car features a similar engine to Enzo's but with a slight power addition combining the outer plastic layer with full carbon.


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