Top 7 Most Expensive Betta Fish In The World

Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are a perennial favorite among freshwater enthusiasts. Their vibrant colors, interactive personalities, and intelligence make them popular for home aquariums. While most bettas retail for under $20, with some selling for as little as $3, certain breeds can sell for hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Many factors affect the price of betta fish. The fish's beauty and appeal, the breed's rarity, the color, pattern, fin size and shape, and scale type all play a role.  Breeding such a fish requires knowledge, time, resources, and some good luck.

Here we would like to share with you the top 7 most expensive betta fish in the world that will blow your mind.

7. Half Moon King Of Gold ($570)

The Half Moon King Of Gold Betta is well known for its stunning gold coloration and half-moon tail shape. The tail shape is a result of the tail’s rays extending beyond the webbing, giving it a fan-like appearance.

This unique tail shape combined with the gold color makes this breed highly desirable among Betta fish collectors. On Aquabid, one breed of Half Moon King of Gold was sold for around $570.

6. Pee Kloaw ($650)

Credit: Nice Betta Thailand

The Pee Kloaw Betta is characterized by its off-white color and a distinctive, thick red stripe across the gills. The stripe’s boldness and placement give the Pee Kloaw Betta a striking appearance that sets it apart from other Betta breeds.

This breed was sold on an online auction for 23,500 Baht (approximately $650), making it one of the most expensive Betta fish ever sold.

5. Rose White Platinum Dragon ($680)

Credit: Betta Fish Aquarium

The Rose White Platinum Dragon Betta 
is known for its unique coloration, which is a distinguishing factor in its high price. The Rose White Platinum Dragon Betta is characterized by its opaque milky white scales. 

Many aquarium enthusiasts often confuse this breed with albino bettas, which have pink scales. However, the Rose White Platinum Dragon Betta’s scales are distinctly white, giving it a unique and striking appearance.

This breed is one of the most expensive Betta fish ever sold, carrying a price tag of $680.

4. Crowntail (Up to $1,000)

The Crowntail Betta is a highly prized breed of Betta fish, known for its distinctive, long, and beautiful fins. The Crowntail Betta’s name comes from the unique shape of its tail, which resembles a crown. 

The tail’s rays extend beyond the webbing, giving it a spiky appearance. This breed comes in a variety of colors, and the more vibrant and unique the coloration, the higher the price. If you really want one then be prepared to pay several hundred to as high as $1,000 for the fish.

3. Fancy Copper Indo ($1,000)

The Fancy Copper Indo Betta is a unique breed of Betta fish, known for its stunning iridescent colors. The Fancy Copper Indo Betta is characterized by its metallic gold color, which is a result of selective breeding. 

This coloration is so rare and desirable that a pair of these Betta fish broke the record at an auction in 2003, selling for a whopping $1,000. Despite the high price, many breeders continue to stock the Fancy Copper Indo Betta in hopes of producing a gold variant.

2. Thai Rong ($1,480)

Credit: Nice Betta Thailand

The Thai Rong Betta, also known as the Trai Rong Betta, is by far the most expensive Betta fish breed ever sold. It was sold at an online auction for 53,500 Baht (around $1,480). What makes the Thai Rong unique is the blue, red, and white horizontal stripes on its body which is reminiscent of the Thailand flag.

According to its breeder, Kachen Worachai, "the chance of getting a fish with the flag’s exact color is like one in 100,000". A picture of this fish quickly went viral nationwide and has garnered various attention from collectors across the country.

It is very unlikely that we'll be seeing another one of these fish any time soon.

1. Plakat Fantail ($5,000)

Credit: Aquapros

The Plakat Fantail Betta fish is by far the most expensive type of Betta fish out there thanks to its unique tail shape and vibrant colors. The Plakat Fantail Betta fish is such a new type of Betta fish that they aren’t yet for sale.

However, according to its inventor, the Plakat Fantail could easily fetch an eye-watering price of $5,000 each. Currently, they are practically legendary creatures, and getting them is close to impossible. 

Therefore, it is better to believe it with skepticism.


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