Top 7 Most Expensive Goldfish In The World

Goldfish have been cherished as pets for centuries, bringing a touch of serenity and elegance to homes and gardens worldwide. These remarkable fish, a member of the Cyprinidae family, are known for their graceful movements, vibrant colors, and unique, easily recognizable appearance.

The fascination with expensive goldfish can be traced back to ancient China, where they were first bred over a thousand years ago during the Tang Dynasty. Initially kept as ornamental pets in decorative containers, these ornate fish, known as "Jinli," were treasured symbols of prosperity and good fortune.

Here we would like to share with you the top 7 most expensive goldfish in the world that money can buy.

7. Ryukin Goldfish (Up to $300)

The Ryukin Goldfish is known for its pronounced hump just behind the head, creating a graceful and flowing profile. This hump, often referred to as a "hood" or "wen," adds a regal and majestic element to the fish, setting it apart from other goldfish varieties.

One of the most popular variants will be the Red and White Short-Tail which has bright white hues with a splash of orange to red strikes across its fins. You can expect to pay as high as $300 for an imported Ryukin Goldfish.

6. Chocolate Pompom Goldfish (Up to $300)

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

One of the defining features of the Chocolate Pompom Goldfish is its adorable "pompoms" or fleshy growths that resemble small cotton balls. These spherical protrusions develop on either side of the fish's nostrils, adding a whimsical and charming element to its overall look.

These 'pompoms' typically start growing on this goldfish as they reach 3 - 4 months of age. The fish's body showcases a rich chocolate brown hue, complemented by lively pom-poms in shades of vibrant white, orange, or even red.

Frequent water changing is crucial as these fish tend to generate more waste in comparison to other goldfish varieties. It's essential to be aware that they may be more susceptible to fluctuations in temperature.

5. Butterfly Tail Goldfish (Up to $400)

Also known as the "Butterfly Tail Moor, the Butterfly Tail Goldfish has a distinctively shaped tail, which is reminiscent of delicate butterfly wings. The tail is characterized by two lobes that extend horizontally, creating a symmetrical and graceful appearance. 

This butterfly-like finnage is a result of careful selective breeding, aimed at achieving a harmonious balance and aesthetic appeal. The body of the Butterfly Tail Goldfish can display a rich variety of colors, including deep blacks, velvety reds, and vibrant oranges.

One rare breed of this goldfish can command prices as high as $400.

4. Tosakin Goldfish (Up to $500)

Renowned for its unique and captivating appearance, this goldfish variety, originating from Japan, is celebrated for its distinct double-tail formation and remarkable swimming style. The Japanese have developed a rather unique technique to breed the best Tosakin goldfish.

The problem rises as the tail grows which can reach an extensive length of 8 inches. The tail is deeply forked, creating a graceful and symmetrical appearance that adds to the overall beauty of the fish. When viewed from above, the tail gives the Tosakin a distinctive fan-like shape, making it a living work of art.

Due to these factors, it is one of the most sought-after fish on the market which can cost you up to $500 to purchase.

3. Giant Thai Lionchu Goldfish (Up to $500)

The Giant Thai Lionchu Goldfish is native to Thailand and melds characteristics from Lionhead and Ranchu goldfish strains. Celebrated for its regal charm, this fish displays a sturdy physique and a prominently raised dorsal fin. 

With a vivid spectrum of colors, encompassing reds, oranges, yellows, whites, blacks, and captivating calico patterns, this Goldfish is a true visual spectacle. The term "Lionchu" refers to the lion-like head growth or wen which can vary in shape and size.

This typical goldfish can cost up to $500 and they are hard to care for.

2. Panda Oranda ($6,000)

Credit: aquariumcows

The Panda Oranda goldfish is known to be the most expensive goldfish in the world thanks to its unique coloration, which gives it its name. These fish have a predominantly white body, which serves as a canvas for the eye-catching black patches that adorn their heads and some portions of their bodies. 

These black patches create a panda-like appearance, reminiscent of the iconic black-and-white giant panda. The uniqueness of this goldfish makes them super rare with most selling at the price of $50 to $180.

However, the most expensive one ever sold was for a staggering $6,000 by Star Fisheries presenting a huge size Panda Oranda.

1. Red Oranda Goldfish ($8,200)

One particular red Oranda Goldfish at Star Fisheries caught the media's attention in Great Britain with its stunning array of vibrant colors and a substantial weight exceeding two pounds.

With its huge size, the same can be said about its price tag as this giant red Oranda goldfish was sold for a whopping $8,200. The goldfish was known by the name Rocky and perhaps it is the biggest Oranda goldfish out there.


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