Top 7 Most Expensive Software In The World

Software is an inherent part of our daily lives especially when it comes to running a particular machine. Software is an instruction, program or data which are used to operate machines and perform specific tasks.

Without software, we can't run pretty much most of the machines that we have in our homes especially computers as they became useless.

There are two types of software systems namely software and application software. System software is designed to handle, manage and expand the processing capability of a computer. Whereas application software uses the system software to run specific tasks.

Almost all sectors across the globe like business, manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment, and even logistics will use this software and IT services in order to make sure that their business can run smoothly and effectively.

The price however will depend on the specific function and features it has to offer. There is some software out there that will take years for perfection so that it will gain the trust of the people who use it. Here is the list of the top 7 most expensive software in the world.

7. HP Intelligent Management Center MPLS VPN Manager Cisco Device ($25,000)
This specific software was created by non-other than Hewlett Packard, which produces most of the computers that we use today. The price of this software however is said to be quite affordable mainly because it has the tracking of time configuration changes in real-time, compliance reporting, and even automatic task configuration. 

Despite OpenView owning a big portion of shares in the chain management software, HP has managed to beat OpenView with the Intelligent Management Center(IMC). IMC used to be the product of a computer chain company 3com after it was bought by HP in 2009.

6. Softimage Face Robot($95,000)
Softimage Face Robot is software designed by Autodesk which is the same company that made the popular AutoCAD software. This software was used to make graphics through several media especially in making films and video games. 

Even though it has a hefty price tag on it, this animated software that leads the 3D ultra-realistic world became the favorite of many media and advertisement companies around the world.

Using it will definitely ease out everything and experiencing the ultra graphics is just enticing. 

5. VxWorks($190,000)
VxWorks is pretty similar to all real-time operating systems(RTOS) out there. However, VxWorks' main function will be to process all sorts of information at one time without any sort of delay or errors.

This software is mainly used in industries where they will take priority in their security such as aeronautical, defense, healthcare, telecommunication, robotics, and logistics. 

VxWorks is used in developing many innovative technologies like the ASIMO robot, NASA research space station, and even the Boeing 787 plane. 

4. Source ($200,000)
If you're an avid gamer, then you might have played these games in your life and as you would have thought, it was created with the Source software. Source is a software fully dedicated to producing 3D graphics in video games.

It was produced using C++ by the biggest game publisher company in the world, Valve corporation. Some of the popular games that were published by using Source are non-other than your favorite popular games like Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life 2 and Left 4 Dead. 

In 2015, Valve has announced a new replacement for source which is Source 2. Source 2 was definitely a huge success when it created one of the most popular games in the world, Dota 2.

3. RenderWare($240,000)
Despite it being stopped, it has not changed the fact that this software is one of the most expensive software to ever been created. It is slightly more expensive than Source and this software is also capable of producing 3D graphics for video games.

The 3D API machines and graphic rendering from Criterion Software have been used to produce games of the popular consoles in the world like Sony Playstation(2 to 4), Microsoft Xbox, and even Nintendo(Wii and Gamecube). 

Not just that but the software also supports the use of Windows and Mac OS.

2. New World System Public Administration($500,000)
New World Systems is the most expensive security software system in the world.  With a whopping price tag of $500,000, this particular software seems to be the safest one to use out there.
This software is suitable for managing and ensuring the safety of any data mainly for the use of government bodies, human resources, business analysis, and many more. You would definitely expect a lot from this if you were to spend that huge number.

1. CryEngine 3($1.2 million)
The CryEngine 3 software stands at the top of our list for being the most expensive software to ever be made. CryEngine 3 is the third version of the CryEngine gaming software and it was established by a German company called Crytek.

The main features of this software include the LUA Script Driven AI system, Uber Shader technology, deferred lighting, and color grading. If you were a true gamer then you might have heard of the game Crysis 2 which was a game made by using this specific software. 

Even the Australian Defence Force uses this software to train their Navy personnel in simulation training by landing a helicopter on a ship. CryEngine was licensed to Amazon in 2015 with a price of $70 million.


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