Top 5 Fattest Human In The World Ever Recorded

Obesity is a common problem all over the world including developed countries like the US. The top 1 list of a country will be American Samoa which is considered the fattest nation in the world with a record of 74.6 percent of its population are obese.

There have also been records of the fattest man in the world and they all have some interesting stories to tell on how it all happens. Here we would like to share with you the top 5 fattest humans to ever be recorded.

5. Carol Yager (539 kg)

The only woman on this list, Carol Yager had faced this problem ever since she was little due to the sexual harassment that she experienced. Ever since then, her body weight has continued to rise drastically which ultimately impacts her quality of life.

She was not able to do her normal routine like a normal person can like standing or walking around as her own feet were constantly in pain as her own body is putting immense pressure on it. 

But not many know regarding her current situation at the time in which she lived with the aid of the nurse and her own son who was only a teenager. It was all until January 1993 that she was rushed to the hospital due to a persistent high fever and the worse part is that she requires the firefighter's help to get her to the hospital.

The firefighter definitely had troubles moving her from the start as they faced many challenges along the way including rolling her down the hill to transfer her into the ambulance. As she arrived at the hospital, her recorded body weight was 539kg making Carol the heaviest woman in the world at that time.

She was forced to go back and forth to the hospital several times for 2 years with the assist of the firefighters each time. Carol was successfully put on a diet that managed to reduce her body weight to around 315kg. 

She managed to slowly walk on her feet but things did not end well for her as she passed away in July 1994 with a weight of 544kg.

4. Juan Pedro Franco (595kg)

Not long ago. Juan Franco is the heaviest individual that still lives when the liposuction surgery managed to reduce his body weight to 304kg. At his peak time, Juan had once achieved a bodyweight of 595kg and was known as the heaviest man alive at the time.

It all started in 2018 as Juan undergo 3 surgeries to reduce the load on his body allowing him to return to his old self. He was then able to rise, stand up and take a shower as well as wear clothes all by himself without anyone's help.

As of now, Juan is still under the recovery program so that he will be back in shape and improving his overall health. He now has a bodyweight of 208kg and still going through therapy sessions and a strict diet making him lose the throne as the heaviest man in the world.

3. Manuel Uribe Garza(597kg)

Unlike others, Manuel Uribe did not have any bodyweight issues since he was young. This Mexican man was once weighing 115kg during his youth years but things quickly changed after his marriage and migration to Texas, America in 1987.

He slowly stops moving around and is more focused on his career as an electronic technician. His job requires him to only sit in one place making his body start to change. For the past 2 decades, his body weight has tremendously risen which also costs him his marriage.

As Manuel was unable to bear the pain of weighing a whopping 597kg at the time, he decided to go back to Mexico in 2006 and seek the media for help. His cry for help definitely paid off as many medical experts started to run a diet program specifically for him.

He managed to lose his weight to 230kg as well as find his second true love. Due to his weak condition, Manuel was forced to attend his marriage ceremony on a bed as the event took place and it was quite unfortunate that he was unable to dance with his wife.

However, the second marriage also did not last long as he got divorced after 3 years. In May 2014, Manuel passed away due to liver failure.

2. Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari

The second person on this list that still lives to this day and as of writing Khalid is now 31 years of age. His name is mentioned repeatedly on the media after his stories were reported by the media as the second heaviest man in the world in 2013.

It is to the extent that even the King of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah has ordered for him to be helped. When Khalid was found, his body weight was 610kg and he was also unable to move. He was then lifted by a machine so that he can be taken to a medical facility.

Even the walls of his house were forced to be destroyed and a special bed was needed to make it easy to transfer him. Due to surgeries and a proper diet, Khalid managed to walk by himself in 2016 before performing his final surgery in 2018. His last weight was recorded to be at 68kg and it is definitely an achievement.

1. Jon Brower Minnoch (635kg)

Jon Brower Minnoch, an American citizen has faced bodyweight issues since he was still little. At the age of 12, Jon has reached a weight of 133kg and 10 years later that quickly changed to 230kg. The number kept on rising non-stop as time goes by.

Different than other individuals who have the habit of eating too much or not doing exercise, Jon has edema issues where his body keeps the extra fluid in the body.

After he had a heart attack in 1978, Jon managed to be taken to the hospital with the help of the firefighters. As he arrived at the hospital, his measured body weight was 635kg which clearly required medical intervention.

Jon was placed under a special diet program that successfully reduced his body weight to 215kg but as soon as he was discharged from the hospital Jon failed to maintain his diet. This led to his weight rising to 361kg.

He managed to get married and had two beautiful children before his health quickly deteriorates due to his edema and it was failed to be solved by the hospital. He passed away on 10 September 1983 when he was 41 years old.

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