Top 10 Coldest Places In The World

The diverse type of landforms around the world has resulted in different climates as well as changes in seasons. As we all know the weather is not a continuous phenomenon instead it will constantly change and any disruption to the ecosystem will also cause massive turbulence to the climate.

Countries that are situated near the poles of the earth will experience cold weather throughout the years unlike other countries around the globe. In fact, some cities will have it worse to the extent that they are forced to leave the city.

Problems arise when it comes to getting access to food, a warm place to stay, and decent clothes to wade through the cold. We would like to share with you the top 10 coldest places in the world.

10. Winnipeg (Canada)

The capital city of the province of Manitoba, Winnipeg is home to more than 850 thousand people and happens to be the coldest city in North America. Due to its extreme weather, the temperature can do down to -45 degrees Celcius(-49 degrees Fahrenheit).

Many problems have hit the people of Winnipeg and some of them include their daily routine. Many pipes in the area are forced to be repaired very frequently due to constant cracks and the batteries can easily break in extreme weather.

9. Harbin (China)

Situated in the northeast of China, Harbin is the capital city of Heilongjiang which has a population of more than 6 million people. The climate in Harbin is constantly cold with a record low in January reaching -24 degrees Celcius(-11.2 degrees Fahrenheit) at night.

Whereas the average highest temperature is merely -13 degrees Celcius(8.6 degrees Fahrenheit) Every month, there will be at least 6 days of snow in that region. Despite the temperature being below freezing point, the heat of the sun can still be felt making the weather quite balanced in Harbin.

When the real cold weather arrives in January, the people around will organize a cold festive season by carving many objects using snow and ice. This makes the place a point of attraction for many tourists to come and visit.

8. Yellowknife (Canada)

Established in 1934, Yellowknife is a mining city that only has 21 thousand residents. The city has an average temperature of -26 degrees Celcius (-14.8 degrees Fahrenheit) during the winter with the lowest recorded temperature being -52 degrees Celcius (-61.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

The people in the city also experiences long daytime and their economic activity was gold mining before it was closed. Yellowknife later became one of the main source providers of diamonds following the discovery and opening of many diamond mines.

7. Dudinka (Russia)

Located close to the north pole, Dudinka is the most northern city on the world map. With a population of only 20 thousand people, Dudinka is a port city with many trading activities that occur here.

The city has an average of  -28 degrees Celcius (-18.4 degrees Fahrenheit) in the month of January which makes living life very hard for the people. This is especially true when the highest temperature is only -12 degrees Celcius (10.4 degrees Fahrenheit)

In 2015, an incident occurred where the pipes burst causing the water to flood the streets. The town turns into a frozen land as the water starts to freeze following the temperature at the time was -40 degrees Celcius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit).

This resulted in many cars across the street being stuck there as they were covered in ice causing huge damage all around.

6. International Falls (Minnesota)

In 2008, International Falls, Minnesota officially been known as the 'Icebox of the Nation' returns. Almost 6000 residents in this city have experienced a cold temperature of as low as -48 degrees Celcius(-54.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

For 40 years, this city has organized the Icebox Days Winter Festival where the locals and travelers can take part in several winter events. International Falls happens to be one of the coldest cities in the United States of America.

5. Yakutsk (Russia)

Yakutsk is a small city situated in Russia and has a population of around 332 thousand people. Life in the city has proven to be very challenging following the low temperature of -40 degrees Celcius(-40 degrees Fahrenheit).

The cars that have been started on mostly will need to be left on due to concerns of it not being able to be turned on again. Those who have felt the coldest temperature in Yakutsk will only be able to endure being outside for only 15 minutes.

After this period the person will start to feel pain and muscle soreness as it became more difficult to move around. In January 2018, the city of Yakutsk reached the lowest recorded temperature of -62 degrees Celcius(-79.6 degrees Fahrenheit) to the extent that the official thermometer of the city broke.

4. Fraser (Colorado)

When International Falls, Minnesota failed to renew their title of the 'Icebox of the Nation' in 1989, Fraser, Colorado took the opportunity to claim the throne to the title. Both these cities in the US compete with each other for being the coldest city in the US.

For more than 25 years, the average temperature of Fraser in January is -1 degrees Celcius(30.2 degrees Fahrenheit) whereas the lowest recorded temperature is -18 degrees Celcius(-0.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

It is located between the mountains of Colorado at a staggering height of 8,574 feet. there are roughly 1,378 people living in this city which is situated in a well-known ski place, Winter Park.

3. Verkhoyansk (Russia)

Verkhoyansk is considered a Siberian city that is located near the Arctic circle. The city was founded in 1638 where it was a river port, a depot for fur collection as well as a deer breeding ground.

Aside from being the 3rd coldest place in the world, it is also the third smallest city in Russia with a population of around 1000 people. The average temperature is -46.1 degrees Celcius(-51 degrees Fahrenheit) in January to 16.9 degrees Celcius(62.42 degrees Fahrenheit) in July.

2. Nursultan (Kazakhstan)

Nursultan or previously known as Astana until March 2019 is the second-coldest capital city in the world. The temperature during winter is on average less than -35 degrees Celcius(-31 degrees Fahrenheit).

Nursultan is the capital city of Kazakhstan and the 9th biggest country in the world. The climate here can be said to be very extreme as the summer here can reach an all-time high of 35 degrees Celcius(95 degrees Fahrenheit) and the other way around for winter during December and early March.

1. Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

Ulaanbaatar is the biggest city and capital city of Mongolia. This city is constantly becoming a place of attraction for tourists and trading activities. The temperature in Ulaanbaatar is usually below zero for 5 months each year.

The month of January and February will be the coldest time of the year with a temperature between -15 degrees Celcius(5 degrees Fahrenheit) and -40 degrees Celcius(-40 degrees Fahrenheit). So it is not surprising that this city is the coldest place in the world.

Ulaanbaatar is situated 4,400 feet above sea level at the foot of the Bogd Khan mountain which is home to the first national park in the world.


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