Top 7 Most Expensive Koi Fish In The World

Despite the complete history regarding koi fish has not been fully documented, scientists have found remnants of aquatic fossils in South China which was believed to have existed millions of years ago.

The breed of koi fish was believed to have started in China in the 4th century. However, it was only until the 19th century that Japanese fishermen started to catch these wild koi fish. These fishes with beautiful and colorful stripes were then taken care of by paddy farmers which led to the mass breeding of koi fish in Japan.

For many years, the Japanese have bred several types of koi fish which brings the bright and colorful fish that we see today. Koi has become a sensation and very popular especially when its domestic population increases.

In fact, taking care of koi fish is also considered as one of the main cultures of the Japanese which also means that its price will also be relevantly high. In this article, we would like to share with you the top 7 most expensive koi fish in the world.

7. Platinum Ogon

With a price tag that can reach $300, Platinum Ogon is one of the most expensive koi in the market. The fish features a metallic color and has a solid white body without any other patterns. This koi is also known as Purachina Ogon in Japan but it is commonly referred to as Platinum for the American koi enthusiast.

All the Platinum Ogon fans out there will love to see the fish inside muddy water since the beauty of the koi can easily be seen through these types of water. Platinum Ogon is quite different than other white non-metallic koi which are often called Shiro Muji.

6. Doitsu

Despite the Doitsu Koi producing variants of beautiful colors, the most interesting feature of this variety is its unscaled body. The price for Doitsu Koi varies from one another but it can be seen around $500. Even though many koi varieties originate from Asia, this particular one is from Germany.

In Germany, Doitsu koi is made into dishes and not pets like other koi since its body with no scales can easily be cleaned before being cooked to perfection. Doitsu is finally brought into Japan where it first became a popular food before being one of the favorite pets to have.

5. Hi Utsuri

In the context of Japanese koi fish, the word Hi means red. But Hi Utsuri actually means the black koi with red markings. Another type of Utsuri is the Ki variation which is black with yellow markings.
These markings refer to the secondary color and the price range for Hi Utsuri differs depending on various factors but most of them are sold at $600 or more. In spite of having different secondary colors, the Utsuri koi is determined by the segment size of the pigmentation that crosses over its body.

When analyzed, experts will check whether the patterns are laid from the head to the tail. If not, the fish might not be classified as an ideal Utsuri.

4. Asagi

Asagi is one of the oldest koi breeds in the world. This fish possesses a non-metallic pattern on its body similar to diamonds and commonly as blue pigmentation and red dots similar to the Utsuri. With a price that can easily reach $950 or even more, the Asagi koi is one of the most expensive varieties in the market.

Despite the standard color for Asagi being blue and red, the are several variations that have more red pigmentation making it be known as Hi Asagi. The Asagi koi has a white scaled line together with blue patterns and standard red color. This is called Taki Asagi.

3. Tancho

Koi Tancho is featured as a singular red circle on top of its head. Interestingly, the word Tancho means the red sun, and seeing that the marking on the head looks similar to the rising sun flag, Tancho koi is always looked up to by many Japanese koi fans.

Due to its popularity, many types of koi are seen to be sold at more than $1000. Even if other koi like the Hi Utsuri might have a red mark on their head, Tancho is slightly different since there are no markings present on its body.

If you see any fish out there with red markings on both the head and body, then it is highly likely not a Tancho.

2. Beni Kikokuryu

Beni Kikokuryu is known for having a body with no scale and a very shiny metallic color. The color on its body can be of variant colors including white, black, blue, and also silver but the Beni Kikokuryu variant, in particular, will always have only one color.

This pricey fish can be seen going for $2000 making it one of the most expensive koi fish in the world. This koi variety can experience changes in the color of its body depending on several environmental factors such as the temperature of the water.

Aside from ensuring that the koi has good shiny skin, experts will examine the head of Beni Kikokuryu to check for any defects before making the purchase.

1. S Legend (Kōhaku)

S Legend is the K
ōhaku koi which managed to be sold for almost $2 million. The fish that is 9 years old is the perfect example of the best breed of koi out there with bright orange spots all over its white body.

This fish originally came from a koi farm handled by Kentaro Sakai, a koi breeder that has won an award in Hiroshima, Japan. S Legend was bought by a Taiwanese lady, Miss Yingying. S Legend got its huge price tag thanks to its bright colors without any flaws.

As stated in one report the more handsome the fish is the more the buyers are willing to spend.


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