Top 5 High Risk Jobs That Pay Well

When talking about jobs, some of the common professional jobs that people know of will be engineers, doctors, lawyers, and many more. This is because of the perception that these types of job categories are considered very stable in career progression for the long term.

On top of that, the job itself also pays quite decent and is more than enough for you to have a good quality of life. In another aspect, there also exist some uncommon jobs that are also a high risk that not many people talk about.

Not just that, these jobs also pay rather well to those who are an expert in them.

1. Pulling Airplanes

You might have heard of people who tow cars as their full-time job especially when the loaner did not pay on time. Well, how about airplanes for the same situation?

This is the job of someone who pulls airplanes similar to towing cars as the only main difference is the vehicle involved. The process is also similar to towing cars. After getting an order, the person will start to track down the location of the airplane.

After identifying its location, the airplane will be stolen or confiscated officially by an airplane pulls man with the required tools provided by the bank. Next, the pulls man will need to fly the airplane to the location that has been set and for that, each pulls man will also have the appropriate flying license to maneuver different types of planes.

How about the income, you may ask? Well, it is also quite lucrative.

An airplane pulls man work depending on the commissions. For each airplane successfully being retrieved, the pulls man will get anywhere between 6% to 10%  commissions from the sales of the airplane to its new owner.

So it's not surprising to see millionaires among these people.

2. Professional Bounty Hunter

There are two categories of bounty hunters that exist in this world today; one is those who moved around illegally and do pay crimes.

While the second one will be those who move professionally and legally by law hunting the wanted for a reward. For licensed bounty hunters, they work for the prize money being offered by authorities to hunt down wanted individuals.

Some of the individuals being hunted in this context under the law will be criminals, illegal immigrants, and those who run away from bail. These will be the main list of people that bounty hunters need to deal with.

Now they are more known as the bail enforcement officer and the risk involved is definitely high but it also depends on the people that they have to hunt down. In countries like the US, a professional bounty hunter can be said to live a lavish lifestyle that is worth the risks that they take.

The standard rate of payment for every successful job will be anywhere between 10% to 20% of the whole bail value that has been announced in court. The higher the bail value then of course the commissions will be even higher.

3. Stunt Man

Every time we watch those action movies rarely comes to the mind the fate of those individuals who perform the dangerous stunts. A stuntman is considered a professional carrier acknowledged across the globe and commonly it involves the film industry that clearly requires their useful skills.

However, the disparity in the income being received by stuntmen is huge, especially for those who worked in the Hollywood industry that received far much higher payments than others out there.

According to SalaryExpert, the rate of salary for a local stuntman will be $18,500 per year or $1550 per month. But in Hollywood, the figure can reach up to $250,000 per annum for the well-known and highly train stuntman.

Aside from that, the body that regulates the American stuntman has also set the rule that each stuntman deserved to be paid $1005 for a full day job. For a scene, the payment will be dependent on the difficulty of performing the stunt itself.

$100 has become the standard payment while $5000 will be given to those extreme stunts like sitting in a car that crashes while being filmed. Those experienced and unique stuntmen who have the same traits as the real actor will be paid even more.

4. Live Mannequin

Are you capable of standing all day long while maintaining your composure to look absolutely stunning? If the answer is yes, then you might be suitable to try being a live mannequin as your full-time career.

But not everything requires just patience alone. You will also need to have the features and figures that companies are searching for that is suitable for an event organizer. You will need to look in your best shape and resembles a mannequin.

Despite the scope of work being a live mannequin are not as big compared to the photography industry or fashion, the payment definitely says otherwise. It is estimated that the standard minimum payment for this job is $100 per hour as long as you fulfill the criteria of course.

At the same time, you will also need to be used to physical touch without the consent of the visitors. There are also cases where the person was attacked physically as the customers did not realize that it was a live human being impersonating a mannequin.

5. Bodyguard or Protector

Considered quite different than mall security, a bodyguard or protector will need to protect and watch very closely their VIPs. This career is being offered everywhere in the world where many people and companies are offering this job to those who are worthy.

As we all know, the responsibility of a bodyguard is to ensure that the individual who paid them is safe at all times, especially during emergency and dangerous situations. For that, a protector must have the experience and the defense skills needed so that they won't panic and stay calm all the time.

On top of that, a bodyguard also acts as a personal driver so having a license is considered a necessity. In the US, a bodyguard can expect to be paid up to $75,000 annually or around $100 an hour.

They will usually work anywhere between 8 to 12 hours a day but will also need to be ready if their services are required urgently. For the lucky ones that are involved in protecting celebrities and other VIPs, the salary will be far much higher than other common jobs that they received.

Of course, there will always be injuries and pain involved to serve and protect.


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