Top 10 Highest Radiation Emitted By Smartphone

In general, every electronic device that we used daily will emit some radiation but the amount of radiation produces is quite negligible to be labeled as a potential threat. Smartphones also produce these radiations to some extent at different levels.

Based on a study conducted by Bankless Times, several devices released by OnePlus, Google, Motorola, Sony, ZTE, and Oppo emit the highest radiation output compared to other available devices on the market.

What is more surprising is that the Pixel from Google is also included on this list. As many as 3 devices from them were recorded to have some of the highest radio frequency(RF) being emitted.

If you see below is the rank of the smartphones on the market with the highest RF radiation:

This matter was not expected since most of these devices happen to be from the best Android phone in the previous years.

Aside from that, the American Federal Communications Commission has set the maximum amount of radiation permitted which is 1.6 watts per kg. Aside from that, we can also see that the Motorola Edge tops the list with the highest amount of RF radiation emitted.

With that being said, there is still no evidence to prove that exposing oneself to high radio frequency from smartphones will result in health problems according to the Federal Communications Commission.


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