Health Benefits Of Apricots - Can It Cure Cancer?

Some people believed that apricot is capable of fighting off cancer. But is it really true? Apricots without a doubt provide many health benefits to one's health and here we would like to share with you some insights on whether this claim is true or not.

Nutritional Value Of Apricot

The shape of an apricot's seed is somewhat similar to an almond. A fresh apricot seed which is white in color will turn brown as it dries off.

Some manufacturers use apricot seeds for the production of cosmetics, medicine, and oil. The see contains protein, carbohydrates, fibers, and very high oil content. It is rich in healthy fats that are capable of reducing bad cholesterol.

Not just that it also contains crucial fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 which functions to fight against heart diseases, improve mental health, and other health benefits.

Can Apricot Seed Fight Off Cancer?

It can be said that apricot has various health benefits for consumers and in fact, some even suggested that it can also fight off cancer cells. But is it really true though?

Apricot seeds contain a chemical compound known as amygdalin. This compound has been said to be capable of fighting against cancer. Laetrile will be one example of a drug that has been patented that contains amygdalin. It is also known as vitamin B-17.

It was suggested that the cause of cancer is due to the lack of vitamin B-17 and taking this supplement will stop the growth of cancerous cells. Under a different name, amygdalin was claimed to offer various benefits in fighting cancer.

Unfortunately, there is still no scientific evidence to support this claim. There was also a theory going around stating that amygdalin will convert into cyanide in the body. Cyanide plays a role to destroy cancer cells which will ultimately stop the growth of tumors.

Benefits of Apricot Seed: Understand Its Harm

The conversion of apricot seeds into cyanide in the body is what is considered dangerous in this case. But why though?

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA), there was a relationship between apricot seeds and cyanide poisoning. There were cases showing that the intake of apricot seeds in high volume will cause the individual to experience symptoms like vomiting, sweating, headaches, and even collapse.

Due to this, FDA did not approve amygdalin(even laetrile or vitamin B-17) as one form of cancer treatment.

According To Researchers...

Based on research that was published in 2015 states that because of the possibility of cyanide poisoning which is related to the intake of amygdalin in large volumes, therefore all forms of laetrile are considered harmful to our bodies.

On top of that, there were also serious risks associated with cyanide poisoning after the intake of laetrile or amygdalin, especially through the oral route.

In other words, it is a matter of risks over benefits of laetrile or amygdalin as cancer treatments which were seen to have more negative impacts. As long as there is no solid proof showing the benefits outweigh the risks of apricots for cancer treatments, the best choice will be to stay away from them.

In A Nutshell

Despite many health benefits of apricot seeds such as improving the heart's health, it has yet been proven for use in cancer treatment.

The presence of amygdalin in apricot seeds is also associated with detrimental effects on one's health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), some of the signs of cyanide poisoning of amygdalin will be the following:
  • Headache
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Rapid breathing
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigues
A high dose of laetrile can cause damage to the heart, brain, and nervous system. What's worrying is that it can also lead to death.

It is best to discuss with your doctors first before starting any therapy or alternative treatment of cancer treatment. Even though apricot seeds have yet to be proven for cancer treatment, there are still many other treatments that have been proven effective in treating the respective cancers.

On top of that, a qualified nutritionist can also aid you in having the proper diet to complement your treatment. If there were any doubts. do not hesitate to pay your doctor a visit just for assurance.


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