Top 5 Most Expensive Milk In The World

Milk is a whitish fluid that is produced by a mammary gland. It is the main source of food for most young mammals (including human-born babies) before they can digest real solid food. Cow milk is the most common milk to drink all over the world.

When we look into agriculture, dairy products are gathered from farm animals. In the year 2011, dairy farms produced around 730 million tonnes of milk from 260 million dairy cows.

India is the biggest exporter of milk in the world and the main export of skimmed milk powder but it is also involved in the export of other dairy products. Despite the dairy cows being bred for their milk, there are also other creatures on the planet that are sourced for dairy products.

However, due to the scarcity of the volume, the milk that is produced will be far more expensive than the usual milk you drink at home. Here we would like to share with you the top 5 most expensive milk in the world.

5. Donkey Milk ($27 a Gallon)

A donkey is an animal that can live up to 30 years depending on the breed. A donkey has produced milk for thousands of years and in today's world it might be considered an ancient thing in some parts of the world.

But recently it has emerged as something unique in Europe as many gastronomists have the desire to try new food and drinks. On top of that people who are into natural products have jumped into the same boat and claimed that donkey milk provides various health benefits.

And of course, it is expensive for many reasons. Firstly, there are not many donkeys around like cows and goats so the supply will be far much less. Secondly, it will be more difficult to obtain donkey milk as the worker will have to work extra hard to handle the uncontrolled donkey.

This will ultimately increase the cost of production for donkey milk. Thirdly will be that donkey milk is a specialized product in that not many people are used to buying it. Due to this, many businesses will sell it at a higher price to those who want it.

4. Camel Milk ($30 a Gallon)

Camel milk sits in 4th place as the most expensive milk in the world. One gallon of camel milk will usually cost around $30. It has become the main diet for the Bedouins for centuries and it recently gained in popularity in Europe and North America.

Camel milk is being sold at a much higher price than cow or goat milk for different reasons. The first one is that it is much more difficult to find camel than cows and goats all around making the demands for it relatively high.

Similar to donkeys camels are much harder to handle on top of their huge size overall, The cost of labor to process cow milk will increase because of this.

Camel milk is unique in many aspects to consumers. It is much lower in lactose than any other milk and it is believed to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Yak Milk ($35 a Gallon)

Yak milk is also one-of-a-kind milk with one gallon costing around $35. It has been the main diet of the Tibetian and Nepalese for many years and is not becoming quite popular in Europe and North America.

Yak is the subfamily of cows that have been bred since 7000 BC. Yak was kept in a high altitude and cold climate (as low as -40 °C) with a low atmospheric pressure of 550hPa. The population of Yak in the world is less than 14.2 million.

Similar to other milk on this list, yak milk is far more expensive than cow or goat milk since the number of yaks in the world is low. Yak will be much more fierce and hard to handle during the milking process.

The quality of the yak milk itself has also added value to this milk.

2. Elk Milk ($60 a Gallon)

Elk milk is another type of rare milk in the world with every gallon costing around $60. It has a long history as part of a popular dish of the native Americans which made it so unique to Europeans and Americans.

Elk are also rare to be found and milking the animals can be a dangerous process. They can easily feel threatened when approached and can turn aggressive all of a sudden. Elk milk also has a higher fat content than any other milk which made it quite interesting to consumers.

The taste is also quite salty and bitter but the aftertaste is similar to cow milk just slightly less sweet. Elk milk was never sold commercially on a large scale and obtaining them will be quite difficult for most people.

The most amount of milk that an Elk can produce will be 550L every season.

1. Deer Milk ($80 a Gallon)

Deer milk will be the most expensive milk that you can buy. One gallon of deer milk will cost you around $80. It has been the diet routine of Sami people for generations and is now gaining popularity all over the world.

The whole process of milking can be very daunting and most of the deer milk is gathered from groups of partially domestic deer in Scandinavia. The herd of deer is more difficult to manage as most of them tend to kick you during the process.

Similar to elk milk, deer milk also has a high-fat content and it also contains more protein and minerals than any other milk.


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