Top 10 Most Expensive Comic Books Ever Sold

For those who love to watch comics and collect them, it might have been a very lucrative hobby as the price for antique comics has gone up through the roof. Some of the prices that you see here might be overwhelming considering the price that you paid for it in the first place.

Comics are considered treasures for most collectors based on their rarity, earliest edition, and high demand as well as according to the grade that has been set by Certified Guaranteed Company(CGC).

The company will grade the comic book based on its physical state, originality, and several other factors. Let us see the amount in USD that has been paid by those who are willing to get these 10 most expensive comic books.

10. X-Men #1 ($871,999)

The X-Men #1 series was first published by Marvel Comics in 1963. It features the story of the first appearance made by the X-Men and the original team members notably Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl as well as Magneto and Professor X.

This particular issue introduces the goal of X-Men to defend the human race against malicious mutants. This comic with a CGC grading of 9.6 was sold at ComicConnect in 2022 for the price of $871,999.

9. Fantastic Four #1 ($1.5 million)

The comic book that starts at 6 figures will be the first family of Marvel Comics, Fantastic Four #1. The popular characters we have seen today are as such back then featuring Reed Richards(Mr. Fantastic), Jonny Storm(Human Torch), Sue Storm(Invisible Girl), and Ben Grimm(Thing).

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby made their debut in this comic in 1961. It was the most expensive Fantastic Four series comic being sold at Heritage Auctions in 2022 for the price tag of $1.5 million.

8. All-Star Comics #8 ($1.62 million)

The Justice Society of America is depicted on the cover of All-Star Comics #8 with Wonder Woman making its first appearance back then. This unique 1941 issue also witness the first coming of Dr. Fate and Hawkgirl.

This comic book was first published on 21 October 1941 and written by William Moulton Marston. This comic book with a CGC of 9.4 was sold in Heritage Auction 2022 for $1.62 million.

7. Detective Comics #27 ($1.74 million)

Although the publisher of Detective Comics, National released its first issue of this comic in 1937, it was the #27 issue that became very popular as Bob Kane and Bill Finger introduced Batman for the first time.

As the publisher changed its name to DC Comics, the title Detective Comics has inspired by this change. The comic was first published on May 1939. However, unlike other comics on this list, this one only had a 6.5 CGC ranking when it was sold in Goldin Auctions 2022 for $1.74 million.

6. Batman #1 ($2.22 million)

This as you might have expected is the first issue of the Batman comic book series as it includes The Joker, The Giants of Dr. Hugo Strange, The Cat, and The Joker Returns. The person behind this comic will be none other than Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson.

The Batman #1 comic is also another republication of its predecessors Detective Comics #33. This comic book was sold at Heritage Auctions 2021 for the whopping price of $2.22 million.

5. Marvel Comics #1 ($2.4 million)

This is the first ever single comic book published by Timely Comics(later known as Marvel Entertainment) in 1939. This was rather unique in that it was the only comic issue with a such title after it was renamed to Marvel Mystery Comics in the second issue.

The comic introduced characters like the Human Torch which was rather different compared to the Fantastic Four's Johnny Storm. The comic was sold at ComicConnect 2022 for $2.4 million.

4. Captain America Comics #1 ($3.12 million)

This is where Steve Rogers made his first appearance as Captain America in Captain America Comics #1. It was published by Timely Comics with Joe Simon and Jack Kirby behind it all.

This comic features the classic cover of Captain America fighting against Hitler. The scene was made in the Captain America movie in 2012. The Captain America Comics #1 was sold at Heritage Auctions 2022 for $3.12 million.

3. Action Comics #1 ($3.4 million)

The National Allied Publication(currently known as DC Comics) published the first issue of Action Comics with a cover date of June 1938. Readers have witnessed Superman's first appearance thanks to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

The golden era of comic books began with this publication which later became renowned as the first superhero comic. Not just that, Action Comics #1 also holds the title of the most expensive comic book for a long time sold privately at $3.4 million in 2022.

2. Amazing Fantasy #15 ($3.6 million)

The Amazing Fantasy series is where Spiderman made his first appearance as Peter Parker. But the final issue of Amazing Fantasy #15 was the most popular one which rake in huge bucks for Marvel.

Stan Lee managed to persuade the publisher to allow him to debut a new young hero he and Steve Ditko designed together. The book was so popular that someone bought it in the Heritage Auctions 2021 for $3.6 million.

1. Superman #1 ($5.3 million)

The most expensive comic book ever sold will be Superman #1 as we witness Superman making a debut in Action Comics #1. After Action Comics #1 held the record for so long, it managed to be dethroned by this comic book as Mark and Sara Michaelson bought it for a hefty price of $5.3 million.

The comic book was published by DC Comics in 1939 and it was the only comic book that took focused on one single character.


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