Top 5 Most Dangerous Insects In The World

Insects are usually perceived as something that is dangerous despite their small size. Mosquitoes for instance, despite their puny size, it is capable of tumbling an elephant that is multiple times the size.

On top of that, insects usually move with their colonies making their overall strength much greater. They can even annihilate an entire carcass of animals in the blink of an eye. Here we would like to share with you the top 5 most dangerous insects in the world that you should be wary of.

5. African Bees

It is sometimes known as killer bees due to how deadly this small insect can be. The African bees are a hybrid of 2 species of bees between the East African lowland honey bees and western honey bees.

It was made in a Brazilian lab in 1956 for the purpose of producing a new species of bees that can produce more honey and adapt to the tropical climate. The scientist might be successful in this part, but they have managed to create a more dangerous insect.

Unfortunately, some of the bees that were created in the lab managed to escape and start to move up north. In the 1990s, African bees thrived in many parts of South America.

In terms of its sting and size, it is similar to any regular bee. However, the African bees are much more protective when they are threatened. To put it into perspective, the western bees will only recruit 10% of their colony to attack whereas African bees will recruit everyone they have got.

That is why African bees attack can even cause human casualties. To make things worst, African Bees will also chase after you much further than any ordinary bees. If you think that jumping into the water will save you, then you are definitely wrong. These bees will wait until you show up.

4. Japanese Giant Hornet

It is also known as the Asian Giant Hornet as it can also be found in other parts of Asia. It can grow up to 5 centimeters in length making it the biggest hornet species in the world. Based on its name, it is native to Japan in a place called osuzumebachi.

They feast on the larva of honey bees and can kill up to 40 honey bees in just a minute. Every colony will have around 700 of these hornets.

There are two types of toxins found in this hornet known as cytotoxin and neurotoxin. The cytotoxin will cause excruciating pain and damages the tissues with a sensation similar to a nail being poked into our feet.

The neurotoxin will be the madaratoxin which can cause death even to those without any allergies to bees. The Japanese Giant Hornet is responsible for 30 deaths in Japan each year. It was also reported that 40 casualties occurred in Shaanxi province, in China.

3. Siafu Ants

Driver ants or siafu are insects with the largest colony in the world. If the Japanese Giant Hornet have 700 of them for every colony, these ants will have up to 22 million of them in a single colony.  You definitely do not want to get too close to them as you might not be able to find a way out.

Despite not being well known due to not causing harm to humans, driver ants have killed thousands of animals in the wild in just one attack. They also attack other insects to obtain food and kill them.

2. TseTse Fly

The tsetse fly might not have a deadly bite or sting like other insects, but it is still capable of causing many deaths. It is commonly found in the African continent, the tik-tik fly as the locals call them carry with them a parasite known as Trypanosoma.

They live by sucking the blood of vertebrates including humans. Every time they suck our blood, they will release the Trypanosoma toxin that will cause the victim to have a serious sleep disturbance in the beginning.

If left treated, it can ultimately cause death. It was estimated that around 500,000 deaths were caused by the tsetse fly in Africa.

1. Mosquito

Mosquito holds the throne for the most dangerous insects in the world. Some might argue as a mosquito does not have painful bite or stings which can cause devastating pain. But this insect is responsible for many diseases such as malaria, dengue, Zika, yellow fever, chikungunya, and many more.

Malaria alone has caused 1 million deaths each year. The World Health Organization(WHO) estimated that around 500 million cases of malaria are reported annually. Mosquitoes are as deadly as the insects that caused the most human deaths ever.

If humans themselves cause 475,000 death each year, the mosquitoes caused 725,000 death every year. It might be tiny but cause so much trouble to society.


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