Top 5 Most Expensive Monopoly Sets In The Market

It can be said that some of us spent our childhood playing board games or more specifically the Monopoly board game which became one of the most popular board games in the world. There are of course many versions of it worldwide but the concept is pretty much similar regardless.

For years, there are hundreds of Monopoly sets being released on the market with each of them having its own uniqueness. Some of them can be limited edition which ultimately increases its overall value.

Generally speaking, the easiest Monopoly sets to be obtained will be the early edition from Charles Darrow or Parker Brothers. This board game with the Monopoly concept has existed since 1906 and it has quickly raise in popularity even to this day.

Here we would like to share with you the top 5 most expensive monopoly sets with such high value due to their rarity.

5. Darrow White Box

Before the Parker Brothers decided to buy the Charles Darrow Monopoly version, Darrow made the decision to produce the game himself. In the beginning, Darrow and his family made the game by hand but later found a small manufacturer to produce them.

This early Monopoly game was packed inside a white box including a board game, one set of Darrow rules, money, and all the parts required to play this Monopoly game. According to sources, only 1,000 units of Darrow White Box were ever produced.

Due to the age of this Darrow White Box set and its being a limited edition, it can be quite difficult to obtain a complete set. Even if you find one, it is going to cost you a few thousand dollars.

4. Last Edition Published in Salem, Massachusetts

In 1991, the original manufacturer of Parker Brothers in Salem, Massachusetts was closed after 100 years of operation. Parker Brothers has made and sold Monopoly since 1935 but Hasbro took over the company in 1991.

To commemorate the closure of Parker Brothers, the management of the company produced 650 units of limited edition Monopoly for each of their workers. Each of the boxes has the "Last Edition Published in Salem, Massachusetts" printed on them.

This Monopoly set was never issued to the public making it a one-of-a-kind Monopoly set.

3. "1,000,000" Edition

In 2007, Winning Moves Games produced the 1,000,000 limited edition Monopoly in conjunction with the 1 millionth Monopoly copy of the company. Not many out there knew about this version of Monopoly aside from the fact that only 100 of them were ever produced.

The "1,000,000" edition was made in the UK and it features some of the most iconic locations in the UK and not its traditional places of Monopoly. Even though Monopoly is now made by Hasbro, other small toy companies like Winning Moves has limited rights in producing and selling certain Monopoly board games.

2. Hand-Made Monopoly Set

Despite Charles Darrow not being the actual inventor of this board game, he was credited with popularizing Monopoly and becoming the game's designer as most of us are aware today.

In 1933, Darrow started making a Monopoly set by drawing them and giving them to his friends and family. The earliest set was made using a circular oilcloth and Darrow drew the designs of the properties himself.

His wife and son colored the spaces of the properties and made property rights cards, chance cards, and community chests. Even though, the Hand-Made Darrow Monopoly set can rarely be seen, one set was sold in 2011 for the price of $120,000.

It was believed to be the oldest Monopoly set ever known.

1. Sidney Mobell Monopoly

In 1988, a goldsmith named Sidney Mobell made a 23-karat golden Monopoly set which made it the rarest Monopoly set in the world. Every piece of this iconic Monopoly game was made from 18-carat gold making it the most expensive Monopoly sets ever made.

The numbers on the dice were made from diamond stones, and all the Monopoly money was printed on golden paper. The house and hotel pieces were decorated with diamonds and sapphires. Overall, this unique Monopoly set is valued at $2 million and only 1 set was ever made.

Mobell created this golden Monopoly set as a display for the World Monopoly Championship 1988 in London. This valuable Monopoly set was never sold and kept for display at the Smithsonian Muzeum.


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